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  1. So I recently started uploading all of the random parodies that I made. I dunno, maybe you guys might enjoy them. Comments and criticism are welcome, of course.
  2. It's the opposite in the Army. The failure rate on the course is high but the demand is huge. I heard from a buddy of mine that you can work for ski resorts and such, rescuing poor shmucks who get lost in the woods, is that true?
  3. Holy cow I wanted to be a 35L and be all high speed low drag top tier! Well, that's kinda depressing now that you mention it. Different people have told me different things about MI but everyone I've talked to agrees that flight medics are hot stuff. Weird. On the other hand,
  4. Starship Troopers 3: Marauder. Now don't get me wrong, all the Starship Troopers movies were bad for one reason or another, but I can let the first one go because I saw it when I was very young and I remember it being a cheesy, fun action movie. It helped get me started on military sci-fi and I owe it a great deal. Starship Troopers 2: Hero of the Federation was too forgettable for me to really dislike it; I really have no opinion on it. But Marauder? Oh, don't even get me started. From the absurd acting to the heavy-handed religious overtones, nearly everything about the movie bothered me. It's weird, like the first movie was just bad enough to be fun, but Marauder is just good enough to be frustrating. On the other hand, I do love the ridiculously patriotic over the top song they sing.
  5. I've been in the Army for the past year and a half as a medic. Regardless of your job, uniform standards still apply so wearing any pony swag is an automatic no-go as several unfortunate soldiers have found out at horse cons to their detriment. I'm currently debating over whether to switch to military intelligence and do some super spooky stuff or continue in the medical field and seek paramedic, and flight, certifications. Intelligence is what I originally wanted to do when I joined the Army but I like being able to help out my fellow soldiers and my fellow bronies. People really depend on the medics when they start having problems, y'know? As for my MLP stuff, I never bother to hide it but I don't advertise it either. People made a big deal out of it for about a week and now, nobody ever talks about it anymore.
  6. Army medic. I'm actually thinking about going paramedic and putting in for flight certs if my attempts to get into a different career field don't work out.
  7. EMT Brohoof! (I'm a medic and yeah, there's about as much of a future in being a Basic EMT in the Army as there is outside of it.)
  8. These may or may not be true, but some of the points are pretty funny. Soldier
  9. "Are you freaking serious?" "That's ridiculous!" "Well, that's just perfect." "Incredible. Absolutely incredible." "Come on, it's not rocket surgery!" "Hey, don't threaten me with a good time." (The military is a neverending game of gay chicken) "What the christ?"
  10. I like red delicious, they're quite sweet and pleasant to chew on, less tang to it. That was one of the things that really turned me off apples, especially granny smiths. I'm more of a peach person, anyway.
  11. The convergence of technology and cultural attitudes that have come together to create the exact circumstances and environment in which a person like me could thrive. You know how some people say that they were born in the wrong time? Well I was born in exactly the right time. I don't think I could live the kind of lifestyle I've become accustomed to if I didn't have all the things I do right now. Whether it's a computer with internet access or the many different kinds of food that I like eating. Literally, if I had been born a few decades sooner I don't think my life would have been nearly as good or as happy as it is right now. I'm pretty thankful for that.
  12. A lot of the press about that came about in the aftermath of the con. Given the location of the SACAnime table, there would have been multiple witnesses and word would have quickly spread throughout the convention so you'd think that if it had happened as the staffer said it did, the whole con would have been talking about it. As it was, I didn't hear about it until after I had already gone home but then I wasn't following the tumblrverse extensively so I might have missed it. Likewise I didn't hear anything about the con overbooking or presenting a fire hazard, or about people from 4chan other than Capper General who was there for the /mlp/ panel. If there was an incident going on like OP described, it would surely have been making the rounds on the rumor mill.
  13. I don't have any issue with portrayals of Rarity as being not white, any more than I have issues with crossplaying. Sometimes you just want to do something that's out of the ordinary and taking the attitude that a character can only have one skin color in fanart or even in official works spits in the face of the volumes of humanized Mane 6 art that portrays them as dark-skinned. I know that Purple Smart is a common target for this and if that's what people want to do then let them do it. Yes, I am a Rarifag and yes, I will have my own preferences as far as how I like my waifu to look in fanart but they're just that - personal preferences. If I don't like it, I'll be a big boy and go look at something else. My real issue with that video (I loved the idea of a rock version of EG Stomp when it first hit the interwebs) is that you can't just reuse "rainbow-fied" when you can't think of anything else to say! It's like rhyming a word with itself. It's so awkward! Whoever wrote these lyrics needs more practice, or else needs to read a wider variety of literature. It will help expand their vocabulary.
  14. I think the reason why you're not getting a whole lot of replies here is because (a) you've got a basic pony creator design so there's not much to say design-wise and ( b ) your colors work pretty well together even though they're not entirely complementary. This isn't a bad thing, it means that from what you've shown us here, your OC is pretty much okay as is and there's not much to comment intelligently on. Are you planning on doing additional artwork? Is she going to be in an ask blog or is this concept art for a fic? What is her special talent supposed to be?
  15. Dear Princess Celestia: Today I put the finishing touches on a Farseer for my new Rarity-themed Eldar army. This one was actually a surprise because I thought it was going to be a Finecast and not all plastic. This means that it suffers a bit on the detail (I love ornate, decorative armor) but at the same time it's less of a pain to get done. It also gave me a chance to try out some fabrics since they are (in my opinion) a lot harder to do than armor. Overall I think it came out really well given that I haven't painted anything in 3 years. I tried to do things a little differently since there was lots of fabric to work with, and used Rarity's Fall Formal dress from EQG as a reference. When I get some more models together, I'll take a group shot and you guys can tell me if it fits in well with the rest of the army or stands out too much. This is going to be all for the next month or so because we're out on maneuvers starting the 15th. Hopefully when I get back there will be some money in my bank account and I'll be able to put up some more decent quality Warhammer painting for you guys. 'til next time, stay fabulous and keep the wubs flowing. Speaking of which, I may have to commission that. A Dune parody with Vinyl captioned, "The wubs must flow."
  16. Okay, confirmed I'm going to be in NYC at the time. I just need to be sure that I'll have the money, and then I'll be golden. Who wants to do a meetup?
  17. I'll reiterate what I've said about the child being stalked by a rogue con-goer: if these things happened, I would have thought that it would be a bigger thing in the fandom but I haven't heard anything of the sort.
  18. Sunset Shimmer returns to Equestria and starts writing friendship letters to the Mane 6, and has zany adventures with the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Search your feelings, you know it's what we all want.
  19. Cadance was standing right there, probably. I figure if he's only just starting to drain magic from ponies, it took him awhile to start moving around to the point where he could get information about the outside world. Besides it doesn't look like Twilight's coronation was a big thing outside of Canterlot, which is probably why no one in Manehattan cares that she is a princess.
  20. I actually thought it was Sabrina's but good catch.
  21. I don't see what the big problem is with Flash Sentry appearing. He's an established, known character who works as one of the guards in the Crystal Empire so it makes sense to use him rather than just a random new guard that nobody cares about. I think the bigger problem here is the hate-on for EQG. Take a deep breath, then relax.
  22. Not sure if it was mentioned before but I love how Earth Pony super strength is now confirmed. I'm sure that's only been fanon for the longest time, albeit fanon that almost everyone accepted.
  23. Pretty much this. My clenched fist pointed skyward and manly tears were shed.
  24. I'd put my money on Sunset Shimmer joining the Mane 6 before Tirek coming back. I doubt we'll see anything about him for a long time...except maybe in the comics.
  25. It's interesting. When I was at BABScon the directors said that Hasbro stopped coming and asking them to put toys in the show sometime around Season 3, yet stuff keeps on appearing in the show that would make great toys. I think things have come full circle - now the show creates stuff and Hasbro just needs to sit back and make toys out of everything, and watch the money roll in