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  1. I put my personal list up of the best MLP merchandise I'd also try Amazon, and eBay. I have got a good amount of stuff off eBay for a good price. You can also get ponies at Walmart, and Target. They are usually a bit more pricey than stuff you find online though
  2. Made a list of top 10 pony merch for every MLP fan. Also comment your favorite piece of mlp merch
  3. Thanks! The first song is: Dance With Me Ehrling The second song is: With a Spirit
  4. A dumb short animation I made
  5. Applejack: Republican Because she is a farmer from the south and owns a huge business. Rarity: Republican Because she is a self made business pony, and owns several stores. Rainbow Dash: Republican She's tough and is a part of the military. Military is tipicially republican. Twilight: Moderate Raised with royality and being part of an elite family. Tipicially people raised into a political elite family are moderate. Fluttershy: Democrat For obvious. Pinkie Pie: ? Idk maybe Democrat? Likely wouldn't be political involved though, because people with lots of friends topically don't get into politics.
  6. I don't really care about the Equestria Girls shorts anyway... I hope they go back to movie format. I was just starting to like Equestria Girls for it's unique movie format...
  7. All ships need to die..... No ships allowed!
  8. I don't know why anyone would dislike Rarity :/ Rarity has the most consistently good slice of life episodes. Personally I often find Fluttershy boring, sorry flutterfans.
  9. So far this site says: Domestic: $18,556,663 WorldWide: $29,667,187
  10. I watched every early release, I mean, there is no reason to wait for me. I hope next season they go back to weekly schedule though, as I like watching the live chat streams.
  11. That's probably a more accurate way to view how popular the series is. It's hard to really tell how well it's doing as TV ratings are no longer an accurate way to measure a shows value.
  12. Starlight, also your name is..... suspicious.... Are you sure you're not secretly Jayson Thiessen gathering intel?