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  1. I dislike most modern pop music, but there is a hell of a lot of good music now...you just have to find it. The reason why people seem to fawn over old music is due to the fact we didn't have this "pop machine" in the time of The Beatles et al. so good music was given to the masses. So yeah, I guess I don't really mind, as long as it's good.
  2. I've been reading a bit about "real life superheroes" and, I'm not gonna lie, I'm pretty sure we've all fantasised about being a superhero at one point. But would you become a "real life superhero"?
  3. Ah I remember listening to some Turisas a few years ago. I didn't know they used electric violins? Must just have been the songs I listened to. Thanks!
  4. Hey guys can anyone tell me of good bands that use electric violins? They sound awesome but I haven't been able to find any band which regularly utilises them (apart from maybe Nightwish)
  5. No it means that her special talent is being a typical posh upper class pony who was born "with a silver spoon in their mouth".
  6. Cowboy Bebop is awesome 0.0

    1. Digit


      Indeed, his other work like samurai champloo is also amazing.

    2. RainboomCrash


      I haven't really watched anime before so I may give that a watch after I've finished Cowboy Bebop haha

  7. I have a pretty bad fear of heights. Even if I see a big drop on TV etc I still some times start feeling panicky.
  8. My dream is to have a care free life with a special somepony and to have lots of cats (I love cats). Also I don't want to work. Ever.
  9. Oh my gosh my Rainbow Dash cutie mark converse just came :D

  10. Edit: Whoops I just realised I misread this as would you have your favourite Mane Six pony's traits. I guess I'd like my partner to be a combination; I'd like them to be confident like best pony Dashie, but also elegant like Rarity, humble like Fluttershy, honest like AJ, smart like Twilight, and fun like Pinkie.
  11. There was a lot of cringe humour (which I hate) and the songs were kind of meh. It wasn't terrible but it wasn't exactly good either. From the shorts I've seen Rainbow Rocks looks like it may (hopefully) be better.
  12. I play American Football so I go to the gym and, as such, visit bodybuilding forums; I've noticed that many bodybuilders, in their unrelenting quests to be "alpha", seem to have disdain for Bronies, so I was just wondering how many of you are gym goers (in particular, bodybuilders). Also, would you wear pony clothing to the gym? I'd just love to see someone benching like 150kg wearing an MLP tanktop or something of a similar ilk.
  13. Luna is best princess. Seriously her art is way cooler, dreamwalking is awesome, and I love the fact that she is good but not perfect (Celestia just seems too Mary Sue like, although I do like her as well).
  14. Big Bang Theory - it has the odd funny moment but for the most part it's just not. I think the thing which irks me most is the fact that some of the people who I know who watch it act all "faux nerdy" because they get a joke in the "omg I'm such a nerd" manner (if you understand my meaning). Pop music - it's just shit. Indie rock - apart from the Arctic Monkeys and a few random songs, it, again, is shit.