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  1. daydream left a manticore ear on monotone's porch. why he didn't want something from such a magnificent beast was wierd. daydream also considered leaving something for derpy but though it would be wierd. instead he ended up regretfully disgarding the pieces of bloodied manticore and proceeds to his bench. he sits down and takes in the view. then he closes his eyes. he walks down the main hall and turns past the doors to the stairs. second floor, first door on the left. he opened the small wooden door to reveal an out of place, pristine white coridor, extremely high tech stuff. he turns to th
  2. daydream knew that this was going to be fun. it had been a while since he had been able to really toy with somepony. he finished his sandwich and hears pinkie trotting over almost the moment he swallows the last bite. "your 'friend' gone, daydream?" she asks suspicously. what was she suspicious of, that he was hiding him in his coat. speaking of which he wasn't wearig his coat, did he bring it with him? it was going to rain in a couple of minutes so "he would need it." "need what?" asks pinkie. he didn't realise he had said that last bit out loud. "i meant to say that i made him leave." this m
  3. "Oh, and another thing. If you even think about telling anyone about the past few minutes, I will not hesitate to inform Derpy of the little incident between you and your boss." daydream wondered how Monotone knew about that, but he thought that all that matters is the fact Monotone actually knows. So he passively nods his head and leaves. alright so i have to forget that, or at least make it hard to access. or just 'misplace' it, should be simple enough. daydream flew over to his favorite bench. here, on the edge of town he sat in the silence, staring into the late evening sky, the sun wa
  4. situation deemed safe, fall back to base. daydream thought as he made his way to work after the unicorn was home without incident. paperwork day, woot. he thinks as he enters the office that he rotationally shared with four other people throught the week. daydream devoted one day a week to writing up all the necessary paperwork to do with his job. times, cloud formations and the like. it was dull but didn't take long so he got to leave early. he sat down on the chair behind the desk and got the papers out of the second drawer down in the desk; his intray. he looked them over and went to pi
  5. this was the most prompt awakening daydream had had in years. he got up off of the ground and flew into the air. the unicorn had already gone back inside the house. "alright, i get it." shouted daydream to no one in particular before flying away. he didn't fly far though as this new unicorn lived so close to ditzy doo. he flew up onto his cloud and was greeted by an unexpected, yet welcome sight. on the cloud was a plate of pancakes, cold, a sweater, wet from the cloud, and a poorly written note. 'daydream; i thought you might com
  6. pancakes, pancakes and muffins. that was the smell daydream awoke to. "how did you sleep." a voice said as he entered the kitchen. "uh..." daydream realised he was staring again, "fine, fine." "oh good. i made breakfast." said derpy, holding up a plate of fresh steamy pancakes. daydream suddenly forgot how to say no. here was the mare of his dreams in an apron, a bit of pancake batter on her nose holding up one of his favorite foods. after a filling breakfast he goes to leave "will you be staying with us again?" asked the sweet voice from behind him "uh... no. i wouldnt want to... th
  7. WHAT!?!? THIS UNICORN IS STEALING HIS GIRL, well, daydream hadn't actually asked her out or anything yet more just... admired from a distance... BUT STILL, THIS WAS UNACCEPTABLE. he decided the only logical thing to do would be to follow her home. and so he did. she almost got home without incident when daydream tried to land in a tree, but caught his back leg on one of the branches (is that leg bad luck or something) and went plumeting to earth. "daydream! are you ok?" said a sweet voice from a few feet behind him. cover blown, abort mission, ABORT! daydream looks up to see her conce
  8. NONONONONONONONONONONONONONONONO. the only thing that goes through daydream's mind when he sees the very large gun. he tries to launch himself into the air but kicks his back legs forward, flipping him forward and causing him to come crashing, head-first, through the window. he brings a plant pot that was on the window sill with him as well. in only a few seconds he is laying at the unicorn's feet covered in soil, glass and subsequently his own blood. "..found some more ants..." he says, pain preventing him from getting up. "stand up, you bumbling idiot... now!" says the unicorn, pointin
  9. a house. a submarine. a skull. a bird flies past. a tree. a cloud... wait.. they're all clouds. daydream lay on his back on the fluffiest cloud he could find, he wondered whether the unicorn had gotten his message yet. suddenly a memory made a crash landing in his mind. THE RAIN! it was meant to rain at 1:00 and judging by the sun it should almost be ready. today he was the only weather pony on duty and he wasn't very good at staying concentrated. he rushed around, collecting black clouds and pushing them together over ponyville, finally he kicked them, causing them to burst
  10. daydream was a genius and he didn't even know it. the previous day he had wondered why the fridge and pantry of the house had been fully stocked. and he had eaten all of it. meaning that the new resident would have to leave to get food. genius. good thing too because he left his thing in there. daydream sat outside the house, peeking behind a cloud. he was meant to be on weather duty but the sky was supposed to be clear today anyway. at about twelve o'clock the grey unicorn opened the door and stepped outside, he was almost at the fence when he turned around and went back in the house.
  11. ditzy doo, there she was, ahead of him, in front of him, daydream watched the beautiful mare. her twists and turns and spins amalgamating into a dance of beauty and intricacy. he could sit and watch forever but he soon remembers, everything ends. daydream awoke with a start and sits up to be bought face to face with a wall. how he had ended up in this position he did not know but that was unimportant. he had heard the door open. not good. but who would be here? this house had no one living in it. well, except for daydream. he needed to move fast,, he knew that but his sleep addled brain wouldn
  12. Daydreamdash

    Private Tainted Thought

    daydream left derpy's house feeling shockingly satisfied. he could do 'just friends', he needed to gain back her trust and he felt he deserved that after what he had done. he got back to monotone's house to find twilight sparkle at the door, carrying a scroll in her magic. "now i don't know why they though this was important enough to require the royal messaging service but clearly they thought it was. i don't know, maybe they understated the severity of the situation, or maybe it's encoded--" before she could finish monotone took the scroll and opened it. a stern look on his face he look
  13. Daydreamdash

    Private Tainted Thought

    daydream couldn't go home. not back to monotone's, he couldn't even look at him right now. he needed somewhere to stay. rainbow dash had expected him to come back here earlier. it was a full three days after she predicted. the grey stallion stood, looking apolagetically at her. she couldn't be bothered with his apolagy, she dragged him inside and kissed him, laying him on the sofa in her front room. shocked at this turn of events, the moment she disconnects their faces he says; "wait, but--" but she cuts him off; "i know, you're sorry, i know, shut up." and she reconnects their faces.
  14. Daydreamdash

    Private Tainted Thought

    when monotone had left the room, daydream realised he had taken it too far. he got up and went to the door which had bounced back open due to the sheer force and watched, stunned, as his friend walked into the everfree. a voice from behind him shook him. "that wasn't a nice thing to do." said derpy as he turns towards her. her tie was loosened and her eyes were welling up with tears. this was often his fatal flaw. he didn't know when to stop. he pushed and pushed untill something or somepony broke. and now the look on derpy's face told him this had happened again. "i thought you were a nice
  15. Daydreamdash

    Private Tainted Thought

    daydream was happy. this vibrant mare was the most hillarous revalation as to monotone's life since, well, never. and she was staying for dinner, perfect. monotone was sweaty and angry. more than usual that is, and daydream knew that monotone could see daydream snigger. 'I am as light as a feather, I am as happy as an angel, I am as merry as a schoolcolt. I am as giddy as a drunken mare.' thought daydream. 'somepony needs to see this, to enjoy it as much as i am.' he thought and thought about who he could bring into this. and then it occured. DITZY! she has been wanting to spend more time
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