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  1. Holly Jolly Ody

    Your location?

    South Australia, Australia
  2. Holly Jolly Ody

    How often do you lie?

    I often tell the truth on things. If there's something I don't want to tell others, I keep it to myself instead. That being said, I've been told that I'm a really good liar.
  3. Holly Jolly Ody

    Choose a career for the avatar above you.

    Dressing up as Santa for Halloween
  4. Holly Jolly Ody

    Do you own the above thing or not?

    No but I would like to own one Do you own a pair of binoculars?
  5. Holly Jolly Ody

    General What do you normally dream about?

    Time travelling to the past, swimming in massive underwater abysses, being in cities I've never been to. As you can see I take notes of my dreams a lot lol. I always found dreams and the meanings behind them fascinating
  6. Holly Jolly Ody

    Do you post pics of yourselves online?

    Only once or twice, but I deleted those a little sooner.
  7. Holly Jolly Ody

    Name an iconic duo

    Sounds like a fun game Mario and Luigi
  8. Holly Jolly Ody

    $1000 Stretch Goals Unwrapped

    I could use another Derpy emoticon ...buuuuut the OP said a new character so no Derpy emoticon
  9. Holly Jolly Ody

    Anyone else dislike dogs?

    No way, I love dogs. Although I do have a preference for big dogs and I understand why people might not like them.
  10. Holly Jolly Ody

    What are your names in real life?

    My real name is Summer.
  11. Holly Jolly Ody

    Technology iOS or Android

    @Silent As this topic focuses on technology I have moved it to Media Discussion.
  12. Holly Jolly Ody

    Post A Quote From Your Day, Without Any Context.

    "Oh my gosh, it's got a face! That's kind of cute... wait, it's got multiple faces. That's actually scary."
  13. Holly Jolly Ody

    What´s your local time right now ?

    It is 12:15 am from where I am.
  14. Madoka Magica Magia Record anime

    Animal Crossing Switch

    Crash Bandicoot: Nitro Fueled


    Yep, 2019 is going to look like the greatest year

    1. Chrysalis89


      Hopefully, because I want to forget about this year as much as I can.