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  1. You made a really adorable banner. Great work! :D

  2. For the most part I don't, but I'm not against the idea that it's real too. I kind of like to believe that once you die, you die, but your soul becomes its own entity which becomes a ghost
  3. Celebrating Christmas. No I'm not kidding. Australians are weird? Yeah that's true too.
  4. Very funny and adorable! I loved how everyone played a role in the story, and even showed new sides of the Mane 6' personalities from their own ideas to break through the castle. Shining got some much needed development, it's honestly nice to see more of him and to know that Twi and Shining never always got along (no cadence is seen either actually). Same deal with Luna and Celestia, we get to see them both argue like sisters again, and it is so hilarious. And the plan between Luna and Spike is great too. And little tidbits like baby Spike, baby Apple Bloom, Maud, Zephyr, etc.. All of it is unexpected, and it's what makes it so fun. This was a great 200th episode
  5. I'm a little proud of my post in the Starlight The Hypnotist thread, lol Favourite superpower?
  6. @ShyGuy Gonna shift this topic to General Discussion real quick.
  7. Like a sailor. I come from a family of sailors. But I never swear around people who dislike it and I want to swear less than what I already do.
  8. Hooray! I can finally show off my inner tree hugger! And my excuse to people who give me weird looks is science! Granted, I'll get a few blisters and ants and sap on me, but that's nature's way of saying "I love you too", lol
  9. Solar, galaxy, sapphire, onyx, clover, bamboo and of course odyssey
  10. No way. I believe that some of the hate is unwarranted.
  11. Odyssey

    Gender Race

    1009 When I was an itty bitty member years ago I remembered how much all the female members would gather around and do their best to win the gender race