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  1. It's on my radar of games to play, and the definitive edition is possibly the best time to pick it up! I've watched playthroughs of it before and am impressed by the attention to exploration and detail. A lot of the characters are also really likable, there really isn't anyone in the party that I dislike. Dunban is definitely the best among the group though lol Also, this song is kickass
  2. You get upset and react by quoting to others saying "why does so and so hate this episode I like?"
  3. DQ has echoed my thoughts here. I just am not a big fan of babysitting episodes either, the jokes are predictably repetitive and I personally just can't relate to these sort of situations You made a post about least favourite episodes, you should expect that not everyone's going to like the things you do. Me hating it =/= everyone hates it
  4. Ooooh she's got that smug look on her! I love that a lot lol Thank you so much! It looks really great <3
  5. Dash and Swellow Pinkie and Wigglytuff Fluttershy and Togetic Applejack and Deerling Rarity and Froslass Twilight and Espeon
  6. @Shine Runner Just letting you know I've moved this topic to Original Character Help.
  7. I haven't heard of sneezing into a shirt, but I do sneeze into my elbow. It feels like I can "catch" it a little better. But if I'm wearing a short sleeve shirt, I sneeze a little above my elbow/near my shoulder, cause I don't like the sensation of it going on my skin lol
  8. Happy birthday!

  9. Beat your head on a wall until the ghost possessing you comes out of your body. Doc, I think I may be a zombie.
  10. Mother Nature's colours, everywhere to be seen The colour I like best is green For my next question, one of a recent event What was the last item on online you have spent?
  11. Scorpion-sized sharks, but sharks freak me out more than scorpions lol Would you rather have x-ray vision, or see up to 50 miles away?
  12. All trips go around the world from the USA back to... the USA. Wonka
  13. Is it bad to prefer older memes? Because I cannot stand new ones, and the rise of ironic culture. I feel a lot of humour on the internet these days comes from spite. You see people being "ironic fans" of anime, games, or anything else niche. And beyond that, there's also mocking of older memes by using old formats. Memes now are abused as a mouthpiece, instead of something that everyone can celebrate. A lot of memes these days also come from having something for people to relate to, which I find annoying because it's such an easy thing to do. Oh sure, I can see the appeal, but memes were never originally meant to be like that. It's the rise of social media that has changed what memes meant, and quality became quantity. Why are these bad things? Memes back in the mid 2000s were based on inside jokes; because it is something that can be shared among a niche group that can understand the punchline. But it has now shifted to the general crowd, because many of them don't really understand what these jokes meant, and in turn, they interject by turning memes to statements that they can relate to. That crowd just demonizes old memes, as if they were never funny in the first place, even though the internet was much, much smaller 10 years ago. For how much people whine about old memes, they sure love to not let go of their new ones, or treat memes like one giant trend where one new one stopped being funny a week ago. I unironically would rather have more pun memes over the thousands now that are about sex or drugs. :\