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I have been a member for quite some time here, and I first watched My Little Pony back in mid-2012. I'm not as interested in the candy-coloured horses nowadays, but I still find it a really relaxing show (rarity is best pony btw). I have been a long time fan of Pokemon, and I'm pretty crazy over Madoka Magica and My Hero Academia as well. I also love animals, cooking, nature activities like hiking and stargazing, drawing and tea.

I recently got back into being a Sectional Staffer after I taken a hiatus around 2016 and became Global Moderator shortly after. I'm pretty down-to-earth and happy to talk, but I sometimes can get nervous and take a while to respond. Still, I always enjoy a good chat, and I especially love meeting new people. I might talk your ear off about the things I love though, lol. Feel free to send a PM. :)