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  1. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    The Lagiacrus I don't know what it is about the Lagiacrus I love so much. Maybe it's the design, their land fights or their adorable widdle faces. But what I do know is that I want to ride one, real bad.
  2. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Holy hot damn. Capcom have announced a new Monster Hunter Spinoff game for the 3ds! Hopefully they'll release more details soon. We better get a western release or I swear to god.
  3. August. It's way too hot on a good summer, it's way too rainy on a bad summer, most of the excitement from the summer holidays has drained out by the end of July, my parents decide to go on the same damn camping trip every year, stores constantly remind us that we have to go to school soon with these stupid "BEHCK 2 SKUUL" offers, those same stores are heaving with screaming children and so on.
  4. Why shave when I can have a beautiful and flowing neck beard? ...every 4 weeks.
  5. On my days off I resist the temptation to look at my phone, then I do it anyway. Then I manage to stay in bed for three hours screwing around on the internet without even wanting to. Needless to say, I've been suffering from motivational issues recently(woo!) On college or work days though, I'll jump straight out of bed and worry about the grogginess later. I don't know how I do it, but I do it.
  6. I've only ever had a lucid dream once, in fact, having a dream at all is a surprise to me. Last night I had my first nightmare in about 3 years, but I should get back on topic. Lucid dreaming to me felt both surreal yet familiar. I felt like myself in my own body, aside from a dark veil around my vision but that's common. I thought of some stuff and it came out of nowhere. The whole world did my bidding. It was fantastic. Everything seemed so clear. I just wish I dreamed more often, nightmares included. It's so boring having only a couple seconds of black before I wake up in the mor
  7. Bayonetta. I freakin' loved her games and I think her fighting style would be pretty damn satisfying if they went in the direction I think they would. Also, Nintendo has bayonetta 2 as an exclusive, so it makes her a fairly likely choice. Sure, she does have some sex appeal attached to her, but in her games she didn't do anything too revealing and it can be easily removed anyway. Besides, if zero suit samus can get in, so can Bayonetta.
  8. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh. They made a jazz remix of some of the monster hunter themes! Give it a listen if you've got time. https://youtu.be/oBwt8T8P8Zs
  9. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Ill be happy to join. I'm at g rank right now but I'll gladly help people at lower levels in the game. I need to practice with the hammer anyway.
  10. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    It's even worse when you have completely capable people who forget basic items like hot drinks or antidotes. They just run around spamming their signal, expecting someone else to give up their own items for their sake. And whenever I gave away my precious materials that I need just as much as they do, they don't have the courtesy to say thanks! I'm seriously thinking about making a comprehensive guide to online etiquette because of the sheer amount of people who don't take into account the simplest of things.
  11. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    I don't think the fight was so bad for me, it was just the experience of trying to find someone who was at least good at the game to help me finish the quest. For instance, I had a dude who just left after one faint. Then I had a group of people who were all like HR4 with tetsucabra armour. Shagaru pretty much tickled them and they exploded into tiny hunter bits. I got so frustrated with people I gave up and managed to solo the crap out of him. And it felt good.
  12. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Go to hunt low rank zinogre for a plate. Get three plates in one hunt. Feelsgoodman.jpg Don't worry, you'll purge monsters from frenzy eventually. Just keep smacking them around when you get the chance, there's no real secret strategy to it. It'll become a lot easier to get rid of frenzy when you get level 2 and beyond Wystones. Besides, Brachydios and Devljho aren't very happy to let you hit them more than a couple times at once, one of the reasons why it may seem kinda difficult.
  13. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    So I drew this for some reason.
  14. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Well sooooooorry. Maybe if you had cereal defense+ we wouldn't be having this problem now would we? Jeez. would it make you happier if I bring a mid affinity simile instead then? Single player: Hell to the no. I think that the game is pretty well balanced as it is. Making it much longer and drawn out is probably not the best idea for an already lengthy game. I think the way that hunts are broken up and kind of short helps you to stay engaged. Also, balancing out more continues with more difficulty will make it frustrating. Most people are already pulling out their hair when the
  15. Monotone

    Gaming Monster Hunter Club

    Yeah, I also found it weird how the tigrex armour doesn't have the challenger skill. I mean, c'mon! It's whole gimmick is it's rage mode! Also, plesioth armour with tranquilizer+? I thought he was the fish monster of broken ass hit boxes, not putting things to sleep.
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