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  1. One of the most underrated pony songs EVER! Perfect day for fun
  2. The Leafeon Pinkeh I did it!!!! Yaaaaaaaayyayayayyaaaayayayyayaayayyay
  3. 57536 Can't wait for the season finale! Looks awesome!
  4. 56961 Hey guys! This number is confusing.
  5. I think it was Pong. Wow, people really need to play more retro games.
  6. Granted, they instead come out your butt. I wish that I could punch a kid in my class and not get harmed or punished in any way by anyone else.
  7. Granted, MLP is cancelled! I wish that I had the mlp s4 finale on my laptop
  8. Granted, you are now an indestructible metal! A small cube of indestructible metal that's 1 inch tall and 1 inch wide. I wish for a real life pony that won't hurt anything or anyone
  9. It's either the GBA SP, N64 or Gamecube
  10. When I told someone a secret and the next day, the whole class looked at me funny.