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  1. UPDATE The roommate slots have been filled!
  2. The hotel block opened yesterday, but there was a glitch in Hyatt's system. It's open now though. I have roommate spots if you're interested in saving some money.
  3. Looking for up to 3 roommates, totaling 4 people in the room. Just booked the hotel room for BabsCon 2019. Checking in or day early, checking out one day late. 4-17-2019 to 4-23-2019. Two queen size beds. 1 roommate (2 people)- $405/person 2 roommates (3 people)- $270/person 3 roommates (4 people)- $202/person Simple room rules: No getting drunk or "wasted" in the room. Sleeping it off in the room is fine however. Please contribute to keeping the room clean. If we decide to order food, please be willing to contribute $$$ for food.
  4. Here's what I do for Babs. I always check in Thursday, or Day 0 to check in and pick up the badge. I always save up enough money to pay up front and just have my roommates pay me their share in cash. That's my spending money. I also pay the room deposit in cash so that I can collect it when I check out early Sunday morning. That way I can have the rest of the day to spend. My experiences are different when I started becoming a High Society Pony, allowing me to join the 1st round of people allowed into events or rooms. Also, I'm allowed to join in on the Meet and Greet event, where you can hang out and chill with the guests there, food provided. I check the schedule got events I'm interested in and make a schedule for myself to make sure things don't overlap. I always try to attend the panels for voice actors, and the rest, I just play by ear. I always visit the Dealer's Room though. I also attend the party rooms, especially the Klingon themed room. I expect though it'll be packed with you know who attending. Really'll have to find your own way to having fun at cons. No tipping your toe in the water...jump right in. But for your first time go with someone so they can help you find a way. PS. I'm throwing out there that I am looking for roommates for BabsCon 2018. Reasonable prices.
  5. Hey friend! I have an opening, I'm checking in on Thursday, checking out on Thursday. I've made really good friends rooming with strangers at Babs. Also, I'm an artist, and can draw you something if you want to get it signed. Let me know if you're interested, and we can talk price.