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  1. I too love "The Amazing World of Gumball" for its humor, laughed a lot watching this show, especially because of Nicole . But is it better than MLP ? I wouldn't be so sure about that, although some of the last episodes have been incredible, but perhaps it lacks those great villains which made most of MLP's season's debut and finale memorable. I've yet to see a villain as charismatic as Discord or a fight in a cartoon as amazing as Twilight vs Tirek (even though Nicole vs Yuki was very entertaining in TAWOG). Also, I don't think it's fair saying this cartoon is better than MLP considering
  2. Shawns? :P

    1. Fl1cker


      Yeah, what's up ?

    2. Scribblegroove


      Nothin, just recognised you ^^

      Hope you are doing well mate

  3. Fl1cker

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    That song is really catchy.
  4. Credit goes to the awesome leviru, a really talented artist you should definitely check out Also, have a picture of my cat when she was just a kitten :3 :
  5. I don't see why we as foreign citizens should be able to inferfere in the US elections. If USA choose Trump, it's their choice and we shouldn't have the ability to alter it. Nobody should make decisions for others. Also, keep in mind a president doesn't have unlimited power, he cannot use nuclear force just because he wants to, get real for a second. I'd actually be more worried about Hillary when it comes to using nuclear weapons. I won't vote obviously since I'm not american, and I don't really have much preference between Trump and Hillary, they're both truly despicable candidates. I f
  6. I like Steven Universe, but... Rick & Morty without a doubt. That show can be hilarious as hell while still raising philosophical questions. The characters are amazing, every episode is interesting and I've literally never been disappointed by Rick & Morty. MLP disappointed me several times though, so here you have an idea of the quality this show offers. So yeah, I might sound a bit like a fanboy, but I honestly believe Rick & Morty is the best animated series that's come out in the last 10 years. It's funny, it's intelligent, it's well animated, it's got great characters, I l
  7. The Crysis series has always been amazing visually, few games can compare to it imo. When it aired, Half Life was also pretty damn impressive, for a 1998 game it's quite stunning.
  8. Fl1cker

    Gaming Favourite TF2 HAT!

    I don't really have a favourite hat, but I sure do have a favourite loadout ! Behold ! My magnificent scout : My medic looks pretty awesome as well : But if I really were to pick one and only one hat, perhaps it'd be the Cosa Nostra Cap, hats for the Spy are simply the best in terms of aesthetics. Yes, I always dress in style.
  9. Far from enough, even back in high school I would sleep like 4 to 5 hours most nights and minimum 9 hours during the week-end. Now that I got into uni, I'm extremely tired everyday and I often release all my stress on others. It's also partly my fault for staying up so late until like 2 am, so I'm planning to change that so I can have a decent sleeping schedule and validate my first year without too much trouble, and also stop being a dick to most people.
  10. I can't think of any decent french translation that wouldn't feel forced at all. I've never watched the french dub too much, but they probably just translate it as "n'importe qui/quelqu'un".
  11. What an awful day, I hate september 1st. First day at uni and I just find out I'm gonna have 37 hours a weeks of maths, physics and chemistry. "Just give me a gun, I'll kill myself."

  12. Yo lads, if you like TF2 then perharps you could find it interesting to watch i58, it's a big lan with teams from America, Australia and Europe happening in Birmingham, England. It's gonna be a great show for 3 days, matches should start at 5 PM BST Time, so head on to twitch.tv/teamfortresstv and https://i58.tf/ for more info ! Or you can ask me your questions. Cheers :dash:

  13. Fl1cker

    General Do you drink alcohol?

    I love to drink, never been drunk though, probably takes a little more than 4 beers and 3 shots of RedBull-Vodka to get me drunk I guess ^^' Most of the time I would drink a little glass of Martini Rosso or Muscat de Risevaltes (it's a "fortified" wine according to wikipedia, didn't know how to translate it), some red wine to finish dinner. A mojito is also great for an aperitif. I'm french and I don't like cheese, so I've got to at least drink some wine ! What would french stereotypes become then ?
  14. Shawn Michaels hands down. Always loved his fighting style, his gimmick, DX... After all, he is the best in-ring performer of all-time
  15. Truly a masterpiece imo. I remember when I watched it for the first time, I was so amazed by how smoothly this pmv went, the animations, the transitions... Awesome PMV
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