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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary!

  4. Spirit Rush


    Hey there :3 Here is an adorable pony! I hope the lighting isn't too saturated, I'm trying out new things with Photoshop enhancing tools... I'll eventually get it right... xD
  5. Spirit Rush


    That makes me her number one fan
  6. Spirit Rush


    Sup! :3 It's been a long time since I posted... XD I've been really slacking off with things but at least now I'm back on track and finally gonna finish commissions and all that :3 I'll put a spoiler just in case if the pose is a little suggestive!
  7. Spirit Rush

    Sup Bro! =3

    Azure Velour from the dancing pony group in Rarity's shop :3 I just realized how cool she looked... So I drew her!!
  8. Have fun celebrating Sunset Shimmer day :P

    1. Sweet Pen
    2. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      but, of course Coco Pommel! we sure do!

  9. Happy World Peace Day!!! :D I love you all

    1. Ethan Tran

      Ethan Tran

      totally not about peace, as i was heard the news. wish the leaders of this world would heard about ponies tho.

    2. Dark Horse
    3. Missklang


      Merry Christmas Rushie! Discord approved!

  10. Spirit Rush

    Heyy :3

    Guess who is visiting your dreams!! More practice with photoshop editing to really enhance certain aspects of my art! Also first actual finished drawing in a while... I've been really busy and being lazy too ;w; I might have gone a tad bit overboard with some enhancing tools but I think she looks pretty nice
  11. When you think no pony is looking... You do the unimaginable... I decided to draw Minuette/Colgate (whichever you prefer ) because she is pretty adorable, especially in that episode a while ago! I also think this is the first time I've drawn actual water...
  12. Spirit Rush

    Cuddle Me :3

    Thats actually her other arm: the one to the right side marked with "belly" - the "???" part is her belly! :3 It does kinda look like her arm is kind of sucken in or something
  13. Been so long! Remember me?

    1. Spirit Rush

      Spirit Rush

      Yup! :3 How have you been? :D *huggs*

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