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  1. So... will you be posting in Room For Rent?

  2. I apologize for my absence..... again. Like I mentioned some time ago, I was trying to get everything done before a September 15th deadline, so I was hard pressed to get everything done before then. I finally am relieved to have finished everything, so now I finally can make a post on the RP. Really sorry if it caused any delays and/or confusion for you all!
  3. Not a problem! Also, sorry for my absence as of late again. I've just been trying to get a lot of things done before a September 15th deadline, so I'm really just busy getting everything together. I'll try to make a post as soon as I can, possibly tomorrow.
  4. June 21st, Saturday 8:58 PM Central-East Manehattan The Brew With drinks and services around The Brew running a bit slower, and the festivities kicking up a notch in just a few moments, the Brewmaster sets off from his station to head to the center stage. The MC keeps a calm pace with his trademark mug in hoof as the jazzy music slowly fades in volume to bring attention over to center stage. While nothing really changes, it seems like the stage is a bit brighter, trying to draw everypony's eyes for the upcoming performances. Java Blend positions himself in the center and knocks his rear hoof onto the paneled hardwood stage floor just to direct more attention to those who may not have gotten the cue before. "Good evening, mares and gentlecolts!" he starts off in a clear, open voice. "It's good to see all of you in this wonderful night. Welcome to the 5th Anniversary of The Brew's opening! Now, while I do see a good number of regular ol' folks here tonight, there's a few of you who found out about this place, one way or another. As such, I should introduce myself to you all. My name's Java Blend: Owner and Brewmaster here at The Brew, and for tonight, I shall be your MC for tonight." He pauses to take a drink from his blend. "Now, this establishment has gone through some tough times, thick and thin, but through it all, this place is a meaningful place. It holds much meaning for everypony here, not just for myself and my staff." He starts strutting left and right on the spacious stage, trying to give more emphasis on the message being said. "It's a place to hang out with friends after a long day. A place to enjoy the ambiance. A locale to escape the worries that one has outside that door. A settlement to listen to a good song for a while or to be engrossed in a performance here on stage... or both! A site for memories to grow and friendships to be born. Or...!" He tilts his head forward with a raised eyebrow with a questioning look on his face. It quickly turns back into a grin. "...or maybe it's just a place for a good cup of coffee." he says as he raises his own mug. "With that, I hope you all create some great memories tonight, and I certainly hope I was helpful in brewing some of those memories for you tonight. We've got a wonderful set of performers here tonight for you all! Many newcomers and returning ponies from around New Mane City and beyond are here to put your hooves-a-tappin' and your heart's-a-blazing for what they all have in store for you." He lays an expectant eye on Scribblegroove as he finishes his statement. "First up tonight is a young soul all the way from Canterlot. He's a big hit over there with his unique brand of jazz, and I've heard how he sounds. Amazing kid and an amazing talent in his soul. Everypony's got one drive brewing in their soul and this guy has it steaming for all to see. Without further ado, mares and gentlecolts, here is Scribblegroove! Give it up for Scribblegroove, everypony!" He taps a hoof onto the hardwood, starting off a clap for everypony to follow up with as he expectantly awaits Scribblegroove to motion on up to his awaiting stage performance. When Scribble approaches him, Java would simply pat him on the shoulder and let him know in a whisper to break a leg before setting off the stage to listen to the incoming symphonic sounds.
  5. @, @@Kay Dreamer, @, @@Scribblegroove, @@Gloomfury, @@Rainbow Eclipse, @@Dovashy, I apologize for my absence in the last month. I unfortunately had to undergo some situation that kept me occupied from making any further posts, but I believe everything is sorted out now and I can get back to posting and moving the story forward. And I think a time skip might be due up. Again I apologize for my disappearance and any anxiety I may have left you all for leaving you stranded at this point. Without further ado, I shall make my post and reply ASAP!
  6. Just a heads up to everyone. I won't be available from the 17th to the 20th, so I won't be able to make a post until then or make any sort of delegations in OOC or whatnot. Catch ya guys in a few days and have fun!
  7. @@Scribblegroove, Edited my last post because I realized just now that I missed something that you said. Think I was tired and in a bit of a rush when I initially made my post. But it's revised now!
  8. @@Scribblegroove, @@Kay Dreamer, @@Rainbow Eclipse, "Dear Celestia, it's beautiful." "Glad you like it." Java responded, "A lot of people order it during the holidays, but I make it a thing to not make brews selective to certain seasons. Everyone's got their groove in one cup or another, and they shouldn't have to wait several months to taste it again." Java took some notes that a server slid to him at that moment and nodded at the next few orders, starting up the brewing process once more. "I suppose I can skip one rehearsal, but Zephner won't be too happy about that." "If you'd like," he started, "I could try and talk to ol' Zeph about cutting you some slack. You've been cooped up in Canterlot, and you ought to see what New Mane City's got to offer. Not sure if talking to him might work, but I think anything's worth a shot." His hooves went all over grabbing bag after bag of coffee imported from lands all over Equestria. Java was so engrossed around coffee that it was pretty much his perfume, cologne, and body wash, not that he had any issue with the smell. "Oh, by the heavens. This is... this is... It tastes just how I remember..." "Glad you remember what it's like. Don't be afraid to stop by to relive the taste on your stay here," Java replied as he looked onto the grinders preparing the succulent, strong beans. "I can always make more once I get there but if it's as costly as you say, Java, I should probably spend tomorrow performing as much as I can. I don't suppose you know any good places for wandering musicians to play and sing? I was going to try that beautiful big park where I've set my caravan, but if there are other spots I should visit, I'd like to try those too." Java listened in with Kay's money issue as he started preparing mugs, cups and brewers for the upcoming orders. Light 'tings' echoed from the ceramic dish wear onto the dark wood counter aside the metallic brewers. "Central Park's a good place for performances. It's got a lot of space and a lot of ponies travel through there frequently. There's also some venues around Manehattan and The Bronc, but they might be hard to get in to to perform, depending on your luck. You may certainly perform here if you'd like. I can even check with some of my contacts to see if they can put a slot in for you at their places." "On the subject of my performance, how long before I am going to start?" "Hmmm..." Java turned over to a small clock under the counter to see it was roughly 30 minutes into the hour. "Probably got another 90 minutes or so 'till you get on stage. I'll be the MC for tonight's performances, so everyone performing will know when to get on and everyone will have a good, roaring time." He offered a wide smile and a nod over to Scribble. "Why don't you folks grab a seat somewhere and catch up on all that you guys have missed? I'm sure you'd like to trade stories and whatnot." @, While he turned back to his duties, a voice called out to him from the ambiance that resonated from around the club. "Hey, Java! I'm just going to step out back for five while its quiet, that okay? It's hot in here!" Java looked around the club seeing everyone settled in with their drinks and enjoying the scenery and music. Five minutes wasn't so bad. "That's fine, Scarlet! Just make sure you get back," he said in a calm, firm voice. He never sounded angry or aggressive to his employees, nor did he ever speak in such a way. He nodded toward Scarlet, granting her permission to get some air. Java set his eyes once more onto his equipment.
  9. @@Scribblegroove, My bad! I was undertaking some personal matters, so I couldn't post sooner than I would have liked. I'll get right on it, Scribble. Also, anyone in favor for a time skip?
  10. @@Kay Dreamer, Yeah. The tech level is in an odd place for where its at. After searching up Button Mash, since that's the only point of reference I know of him using an arcade machine, found that arcades machines were shown in Hearts and Hooves Day.Jeez my memory's off. Technology is weird since a good amount of it is in the early 1900s, but there's DJ machines and arcade machines while could be found in the 1970s/1980s. I also like sticking to canon as much as possible. The limitations might seem annoying at first, but it really does set the ground of what's possible and what's not possible. It also sets your imagination in motion to try and figure out what's do-able despite it never being done/seen before. It bleeds into how I like to make characters for some other RPs. Typically in human RPs, I like to make underpowered or average/regular characters. It's a way to prevent myself from having too much power from the get-go as well as allow my character to grow, both in strength, but in character and personal growth as well. It's also a way to figure out how to play with my character's strengths and weaknesses to counter the situations he or she is in. @, As for the Neightendo Gamecolt, I'll ask that you change or remove it since the setting here is trying to fit MLP's standards. I don't think the ponies have gotten that far in technology yet to have hoofheld consoles. For the sake of non-complications, things shown from Button's Adventures cannot be used in this RP aside from arcade machines, since they've been shown in the show.
  11. @, PHEW. I first read it as redesign. Second time around, I read resign. Good thing I read it twice. But yeah, remember the situation is something you act out. It's up to you to portray how the scene would look like, at least for now. Still thinking about those bare bones description requirements. @@Dovashy, That's actually a possibility. I would say it could be so if you and the character who was rolled the mugging were in the same borough, then you can perform the mugging. That's a nice idea, Dovashy! That'd have to be a lucky roll, though.
  12. @, I don't necessarily mean standing up, I mean moving around. If the mugger(s) is/are moving to you, then you'd have a tougher time with mobility than a unicorn archer, for example. You might be able to take a shot, but in a close distance engagement, like a back-alley, there's not much room for error, nor is there much room to be had.
  13. @@Dovashy, Honestly, that's a possibility that they steal her blanket. Depends if you'd like the mugger to do that. However, I do understand your character's situation. Something like losing some bits wouldn't happen to your character since she doesn't have any. For now, rerolling effects is up to discretion. @, That varies, I'd think. Outside of dice rolls, I don't think people would try and hurt her because she's got archery equipment and her cutie mark shows a bow and arrow, but it doesn't mean nopony would try. Like, archery wouldn't be very effective if the mugger is up close, and since Anala is an earth pony, I would believe she would have more trouble maneuvering on her hind legs than a unicorn would with all four legs and magic to support his/her bow and arrows. So yes, it varies and I'd say either scenario could happen.
  14. @, The negatives will happen and depending on the negative, it's possible to avoid if your character can act upon it, such as a mugging. I'm debating how much freedom I'm allowing on descriptions because anyone can say the mugger/thief is weak or poorly equipped. And no, I'm not saying you all will Mary-Sue that sort of thing. Just wondering if I should have some bare-bones requirement that must be fulfilled. Also, the mugging, if it were rolled for example, would happen to whomever it got rolled to. Same thing can happen for the positives as well. Somepony might be given a free ticket to a movie, but give it to somepony else or decline the ticket altogether. Since there's 8 characters, at the current moment, I'm only going to roll 3 D8s (8 sided dice) to see which 3 characters will have an effect happen to them. Of course, if any doubles/repeats come out, I'll reroll as necessary.
  15. @@Dovashy, At the moment, this is what I've got: Getting mugged {Negative} Finding a few bits on the ground {Positive} Finding a half used MetroCard (10 bits – 5 rides) {Positive} Finding a half used weekly MetroCard (3.5 days) {Positive} Finding a half used monthly MetroCard (14 days) {Positive} Encounter with a lost filly/foal {Neutral} LUCKY CHANCE (Varies) [Roll D20 to lock in à 19 or 20 needed. Positive effect chosen from list if under 19.] Congested traffic / Delayed train or rail car / Forced detour {Negative} Free ticket to a show/performance {Positive} Misplaced bits {Negative} Interaction with a tourist {Neutral} Bad news from work {Negative} UNLUCKY CHANCE (Varies) [Roll D20 to lock in à 19 or 20 needed. Negative effect chosen from list if under 19.] Just know it's general enough so I can adjust it to any situations, moments, or places you may all find yourselves in at whatever point in the RP.