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  1. Hello, is there anyone who plays War Thunder and wishes to play with me?
  2. Add me if you wish, PSN: StardustDrago905
  3. TV Show? how thats possible? A book turning into a TV show thats interesting
  4. Ponies change Like honestly the ponies have emotions so she could have a change of heart due to a event that we don't know
  5. Sorry for some Pinkie Pie fans but I think it has to be Pinkie Pie She is always party crazy
  6. I picked MLP_Stardust because Stardust is my favorite card (Stardust Dragon is the full name) from Yu-Gi-OH But I picked MLP because in BF4 alot of people who are bronies play it from my experience so I decided to make it MLP_Stardust so the incase someone wants to know I'm a brony
  7. It defeats the purpose of being yourself Trying to be everyone would probably be like Splash said "Overpowered Mary sue or Gary stu" which you don't want that happens to your character
  8. Hurricane from 30 seconds to Mars I don't know why its on my head right now
  9. I love Alternative Rock and Metal. I'm no huge fan of other genres but I do like some songs that is not related to Alternative. Gemini Syndrome-Stardust
  10. I'm not sure should I get a PC or a Xbox One? Because recently I got a PS4 and I wanna play with friends that I have Xbox 360. Sadly they don't have PS4 but instead a Xbox One.

    1. Creamy Arty

      Creamy Arty

      If you, like most people, receive the most enjoyment in playing games with other people you know rather than on your own, I would get whatever most of your friends currently have.

  11. I will say Free2Play is better because of many reasons for example they are free, they get updates more faster than triple A titles, and they usually have strong supporting communities. A good example of this is War Thunder
  12. I did not vote because I like both games. Battlefield is very fun but sometimes is better to play with friends. COD is also fun but sometimes can be very repetitive or annoying. Both have their own flaws but either way I like them both.