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  1. I get the feeling he wouldn't be too interested into doing a voice role, even if it's a small cameo, for mlp:fim. I can't imagine him actually being interested in it, even if they went with the idea of inviting him on for a small part. Mark's a youtuber, I figure he's always busy anyways with his load and several other things he does.
  2. It was a cute episode. One that seemed to have played straight without any twists and that's okay given the plot. Not exactly new, but pretty decent overall. Also, I realize now, Pinkie Pie is the real ponyville government (she keeps so much data on everypony in ponyville) Also, you now appreciate some of the difficulties related with Cheerilee's job as a teacher of having to write everything on the chalkboard..... by mouth And I'm sure others noticed. Twilight is BAE (best aunt ever).
  3. No longer having to use an action oriented two part opener..... okay, I can roll with that I guess. Quick run down of my thoughts. Wow, this opener was hitting a bit of my snarky bone (well actually more towards all bottled up). So I guess starting with Celestia advice, this is actually a nice episode to finally have an excuse to bring Celestia back into the spotlight as an actual character. We've been stuffing her in the closet for some seasons now... This was a really good episode to finally have Celestia actually talking with Twilight and actually being part of the plot of the episode for once. I think though a number of people will enjoy this side of Celestia which wasn't exactly made explicit in prior seasons. This maternal side of Celestia that some have always believed that she had towards Twilight. The focus of having Celestia actually act like she feels like a mother to Twilight (albeit not actually a parent), gives her a lot more expression to be appreciative about. Spike was also good comedy relief throughout this episode (good light-hearted snarky, not Spikeabuse). Also, that meta joke about using Celestia's name as an expression, surprised we went there, seemed to be executed well. There were actually good jokes in this episode that kept the pacing nice and added to the episode. However, when Celestia looked up at the sky when pondering what to do with Twilight and saying, I should send her away... that was totally snarky to me. Those two events were totally unrelated from each other and the former does not have any sort of effect on the latter in terms of decision making, Wot?! And, Celestia totally didn't get Twilight to write to her to report on her friendship lessons as a teaching framework (well not the entire sole reason), she totally was wanting to know how she was doing throughout her move to ponyville. Although I found it a bit weird of how strange of a cop-out it was that Starlight is totally not leaving as well. Totally wasn't expecting that. I guess Starlight is here to stay for longer. though what a cop out for magical dimension sucking black hole conjured by Starlight and Sunburst All Bottled Up - this episode just kept hitting my snarky bone. Things like these quotes: "Yah, Trixie, you're so great at magic and having good hair" "Relax. If anything breaks, Starlight will just go back in time to fix it" "They're going to bond, share laughs and if I know them ... they're going to share a song" "This magical energy has to go somewhere. And if I'm not using it to fight a magical duel or bend my friends' will to obey my every command... ha I remember that" Many these jokes were actually good. Like, I'm surprised but I think this episode won me over easy because I like snark. Starlight isn't going to be the type of character to go full 100% good character and there's still a bit of her acting a little bit devious, but I oddly like that about her. Even though, Starlight actually plays the ethical character throughout this whole episode. So it does reflect that she has learned to be ethical as the episodes have passed (which is actual development for her.) I really do like seeing her get pissed off though. But now I can also see the point of others saying that Starlight is ridiculously powerful as a unicorn if she can literally bottle up her emotional magical energy and cause a side effect of ponies being affected by it. Like there was a lot good that I liked about this episode because we finally get to see the relationship between Trixie and Starlight develop between each and actually act like they're in a friendship. Though it's kind of funny, but I understand that the point of throwing the mane 6 on a retreat was to produce a sort of opposite dynamic effect of showing friends who have long developed good relationships to those who are just starting out now. I liked this episode a lot I can see why Seth likes Trixie now. He'll probably enjoy her a lot during this episode. But i really do like Trixie and Starlight as being a different type of friendship dynamic that we're getting to see compared to any of the mane6's so far. Also Spike was good snarky comedy as well, AND NO SPIKEABUSE too, excellent! This was a pretty good opener, I liked all bottled up more, but finally brought Celestia back to the front light for once. Hoping to see a bit more of her too. Also unicorns stop playing god and trying to bring every inanimate object to life
  4. In previous topics that I had created or discussed, I used to be a lot more interested in wanting to have Equestria's story and lore make some logical sense or trying to look for more details on some theories. Not necessarily about wanting Equestria to be a real place however, but working out it's fictional elements to make sure it made sense from a world building perspective. I've let it go since then since I found some inconsistencies too difficult to unravel over the years. I also probably had waned interest that has now leveled out at least.
  5. Background pony with a hijab would probably be the easiest neutral position that Hasbro could afford if they ever bothered with it.
  6. I have no idea what to consider with Starlight anymore. I didn't think we'd go in this direction back with Starlight at the end of Season5. I didn't think originally they were going to keep her on for this long. So this has been a never-ending surprise to me. Truly not sure what they're planning to do with Starlight now "graduating" from Sparkle's lessons. So yeah, I'm still playing the "wait and see" game since season 5.
  7. Season 1 had a two part opener however. So it's been the norm for 6 seasons now. Really, the first two episodes are only going to be loosely connected? In what direction are we going with S7 now? I'm wondering if this is some sort of transitional season of some sort.
  8. I was talking and ranting about chronology. I thought that's what you meant too. I was going to complain about how the chronology has unfortunately been contradicted at times because of changing writers and due to Faust being thrown off years ago from the beginning. That just tends to happen when we no longer have a "bible" book from the original writer on the chronology of events. Those were my complaints since there have been contradictions that have popped up and countless threads that have tried to make sense of the chronology of major events in Equestrian history. But after so many problems, I gave up on caring anymore. Although I think there are still some who still fight the good fight on trying to keep things in order. But what is the topic that you're getting at? Which parts of Equestrian history are you referring that seemed to be fiction, now become fact (from an in-universe perspective)?
  9. I have no idea. Actually, I think I might laugh a bit. Just sort of this big build-up that's been had with all the tragic backstories we could give to AJ and how she and Big Mac had to grow up strong to raise little AB so young and if they turn out to be alive all I can think is, all those tears.... lol. all of them... poof, gone. It's like feeling sad, angry and just having it come out as this maddening laughter. Bring on the Apple family then.
  10. Ponies aren't automatically born experienced and wise for their age. It takes years for ponies to learn lessons. It takes time, patience, understanding and experience to actually realize that your opinion or approach, might not be the best nor might it be also correct or it might not be best suited for a situation. They were younger after-all, it only seems natural that they would try things out their way before finally listening to each other for a change.
  11. Hey, it only took 7 years to get an appearance from AJ's parents. Casually side-stepping the other major question about their current presence, but you know, at least acknowledgement that they existed in a past flashback. At least that's something. Looking forward to seeing how Aj's parents were after all these years. On the other hoof, it feels like we got to see Dash's parents a lot more quicker. Hey, that will actually round up showing all of the mane 6's families at least once.... and no origin story for Spike This^
  12. Are we still lacking an origin story for Spike? I've forgotten. I used to make snide jokes that Celestia foal-napped when he was still an egg or that she found Spike's egg lying on the side of the road and decided to bring it home with her. Going back to your topic. I want to say, that Spike was probably a lost dragon egg that by chance, Celestia came across/happened upon. Because Spike seems to be the only dragon born into Pony society, it seems like he come upon his situation through unique circumstance. I'd imagine that Spike's egg somehow got separated from the rest of his family's den and somehow Celestia managed to get a hold of him. Perhaps she didn't actually know what the egg was, but could determine that something was living inside of it, so it needed shelter. Perhaps Spike's egg was separated from his family's den through some sort catastrophic event? I wonder, if that was the situation, did Equestrian officials even know it was a dragon's egg that happened to come upon? What happens if they were trying to kill two birds with one stone. 1. We'll use this egg as part of our entrance test for our school for gifted unicorns... AND 2. We can learn what's really inside of the egg with the new applicants trying to hatch it open! Or did they already know it was a dragon's egg? I would hazard a guess, Spike's situation might very much be similar to that of his own pet phoenix, Peewee, where through some circumstance, the egg got separated from the family, but they may have not noticed. Or if they did, they searched in vein. So maybe there's a possibility that Spike's biological family does or does not know that he exists.
  13. Should probably add proper spoiler tags to your thread so that people won't see it who don't want to get spoiled. Or at least I think that's what those tags do. Anyways, huh. Well, I'm kind of a bit surprised at myself, in the sense that past seasons ago I actually would've probably enjoyed a more "invading" kingdoms type of thing, but not so much now. Is that what's going to happen in the upcoming movie? An invasion? I'm at the point where I'm okay with clunky flank-pulls of lore being written up for mlp:fim. Heck, we didn't even know there was an evil dictatorship going down south of the Equestrian border. No one tells us anything around here (that's the excuse I'd come up with for Equestrian officials). That's the excuse Celestia can rely on (I'm almost half-jokingly expecting that to be the reason.)