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  1. Oh cool , I am not a huge fan. Just not my type of games! Awh sorry to hear that!, I don't have any brony friend irl!
  2. Awh sorry to hear that! What game do you think you will buy first? :3 (Add me on Skype!, I am on there and kik all the time if you wanna talk :3. Ruslan_Husky) Add me!, I posted my psn earlier
  3. Lol of course you can! :3. That's the whole point of it!
  4. Grr the app won't find you!, I will add you soon!
  5. Hmmmm, what's your steam and I will add you? It was the disc drive, but I sold it already after I got my ps4. I just figured I would play my games on my brothers if I get desperate. I appreciate the help though .
  6. Not at all!, steam is Dbzthedwarf and psn is...ruslan_dash I think?. I will double check in a few My ps3 died!, the only other i have is 360 but i dont have gold for it or play it. We can still chat :3
  7. Hi there, my name is Emerald Bliss, or furry name is Ruslan if you prefer. I am sure there are tons of these threads..but I am looking for some Brony friends that enjoy talking to others..maybe play some games and such, in truth I have like...2 brony friends that talk to me. I have Steam and Ps4 , several games for each and I enjoy talking to friends and roleplaying if that's your thing... Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope somepony is looking for a new chatting friend .
  8. Hello, My name is Emerald . I am actually Male IRL, But i prefer to play a female for ponies. I am not actually sure where i should post this, So please move it if it is in the wrong spot. But to get to the point, I have had so many male and so few female friends over the years online, I want some female friends with the same interests and hobbies as i do, Maybe eventually be partners if it goes well enough (that is of course not a requirement, Just something i would like a lot). Anyways let me go on and get to what i enjoy and maybe a bit about me. I enjoy Youtube, Video Games (360,PC,Ps4,3DS), Talking to friends, Anime, Manga, and making others laugh if i can (i try to be funny a lot). I also Role-play which i absolutely love to do. Now as i said i would prefer females only for this, but if you wanna RP then message me, I would be happy to maybe work an RP out in PM's. Now i am 19 IRL, 170-180 Pounds, Right at 6 Ft tall and live in Oklahoma ( i will only give exactly location if i know you better). Honestly i am unsure what to say at this point, I enjoy geeky stuff like owning fandom stuff (sadly no pony stuff, But i do have a couple of Pokemon things), And i am really into Computers and such, I am pretty knowledgeable about such things. I am fairly into technology and using it....I guess thats it, I know this is probably asking a lot considering what i am asking for, But Thanks for looking non the less.
  9. Hey, I am looking for a few league partners to skype with while we play. I only play normals, just so you know. Anyways, hit me up? :3. Skype is southpark002, and league is dbzfan6661
  10. Honestly, i watch alot of youtube let's players, and i can confidently say that i have never even seen a minute of pewdiepie, i don't hate him, but i don't like him, and most of his fan base are dicks. I know this because there are a couple of my favorite youtubers like uberhaxornova and ssohpkc that pewdiepie fans go and shit on them for no reason what so ever pretty much. So in short, no i don't like him and his fanbase are a bunch of dicks :I. But hey there are some good ones i know of, so i can't say all are that way, but i feel most are.
  11. The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Really fun, although i can't really compare because i have never beat any other Zelda games, but this will be my first If you can order it online , or maybe see if your gamestop will order it for you, just tell them that you want a case, mine called around for a 3ds game i wanted, but that is also mine, not yours lol. Good luck though, i much prefer fallout 3 over new vegas
  12. Alright looks good :3. Also I found it once you said that lol, I am on mobile so I have no sigs. But I went to full. Anyways I will message
  13. Sounds fun , I will get a message going Do you have a link to riley?
  14. I don't know If I am putting this in the right spot, but I would like a person or two that likes and has the time to do a long term rp, slice of life style. If anyone is interested then message me :3. My OC is in my profile somewhere
  15. I love to Pokémon rp but all of the people I used to do Pokemon rp with stopped. Does anyone wanna rp Pokemon with me please?? If you do message me on kik or skype Skype: southpark002 Kik: DbzDashie
  16. Add southpark002 on skype and I will be happy to . As for anyone else, I cannot hold any more due to the limitations of hamachi, I am sorry .
  17. It is a private server, I want to do about a 4-5 person group, I do not like too many people. And we do not, it is vannila minecraft, if you really need it I can probably get my friend to add it
  18. Live chats?, what is that?, and as long as it is not too horrible it will probably be fine
  19. My friend will be running the server non hamachi, do you need to know any specifics?
  20. Pc only, sorry bud . If you have minecraft on pc though I would love to have you
  21. I wanna have some people to play minecraft with kinda like the creatures treetopia series.But I was hoping I could find a few people that would like to do this with me and just mess around and joke and such . Preferably US only so the time zones aren't too distant, and people that don't mind cussing (mainly because I do cuss alot..not like a sailor but I do)... also, you will need skype please