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  1. So I am looking for a free music visualizer that, when I play music (either in the background or in the program) it reacts to the music something like the one Ponytronic uses. a colored line across the screen that is made up of small bars. any and all help would be welcome thanks!
  2. So I just saw it in theater like 39 mins ago. And I have to say the first one was not great, I liked it, but it was poorly done. Now Rainbow Rocks is AMAZING!!! it is so much better than the last one, better than most episodes of the show. Tons of shout outs to the bronies, tones of brony favorite character featured, and *spoilers* (not really) a fanon ship is made official. Amazing music throughout. over all just awesome!
  3. I do believe that the first time you watch something it is the best. But I also REALLY enjoy re-watching things many many times. Both have their merits and perks.
  4. Hell ya! I am going by myself this weekend, I don't have any brony friends to go with me but I am hoping to make some new ones there. I know it will be mostly little girls but I hope there are at least a few other broines out there.
  5. You have no idea. My laptop has a pony background, I have changed all the desktop icons to pony themed ones including EVERY single computer file that I can change the icon on. I have changed the boot screen animation to rainbow dash's sonic rain boom. I have ponyhoof for facebook, I have ponify for Chrome, I have hoofsound for Chrome. I have changed all my computers default sounds to pony sounds. Every password, account name, and avatar for ALL my websites are pony themed. I have 9 different folders on my laptop that are just ponies and pony themed stuff. and oh yeah. I have the games ponyvan
  6. so I wanted to answer this question but I was unable to find the infinity button on my keyboard, so..... I'm just gonna go with 11
  7. So I know we can collaborate on this over the web kinda non stop, but eventually we will need a preset and consistent time to get together once a week or so to plan for right now, but eventually it will be our play time. when works for you guys?
  8. Ya, I can do what ever! also check out Roll20.net its an online table top format that I have used for online D and D before and it works amazing. It has maps, character sheets, virtual dice, its awesome. Also, my name is Erik, I am 16 and a total nerd and I have been playing D&D for like 5 years.
  9. Hey. I am actually working on a massive Equestria themed D&D quest right now. I know how to play d and d and love playing it. I also play 3.5 and have all the books. I also know an online role playing website that we can use to play. I personally like to DM but I realize that this is your idea and TOTALLY understand that you want to be DM, but some times I run into people who just like to play and don't like to DM, so what ever you wan't. Any way I have gotten to rambling, but I am willing to do this all the way, I have been looking for people to start a campaign with forever.
  10. Ya! All the time! I am a super proud brony and I love to tell people, I even mentioned it in a college bio I just wrote. And I'm just like that, if people ask me, I tell them!
  11. small, round, upturned noses. They are so cute! also pointed ears... ya I'm weird that way but hey, most people think we are all weird for liking ponies so what the hay!
  12. Pinkie Pie's Smile song of course!
  13. 11111111111111111111

    Movies/TV Opinions on Anime

    So I have never been a fan of anime. I don't like how the art looks (any style of anime) and all the movies and shows I have watched that were anime I have not liked. I'm not hating or anything, I don't care if anybody else likes anime, lots of my friends are MASSIVE anime fans. I am just wondering if anybody else feels the same way?
  14. I'm just wondering how good they are and if they are worth getting? Are they as good as the show, not as good as the show but still good, only ok, or just plane bad? Just tell me what you think about them.
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