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    I'm a writer and professional crafter/artist. I love to knit, draw and make all sorts of crafts that I sell in my online store. When I'm not creating, I'm obsessing over my favorite fandoms, and fighting grizzly bears with my bare hands. I'm a full time art as of last year since my disability has kept me from working, but I love art, and therefore I love my job. I have a service dog named Abe, who is a redbone coonhound. Despite my sarcasm, weirdness, and humor, I'm actually very friendly, and don't mind chatting.

    You can check out my store on etsy for all my hats and figures, or to order a commission. Check out ebay for all my latest pieces on bid, and deviantart to order a commission, or art piece, I also have a patreon which offers fun art, free drawings for supporters, and gift and prize drawings.


    My commonly used OC's are; Tiamat, a draconequus, and Nova, an earth pony.

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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Hello, I moved into my house on Feb 1st, and I'm finally getting my office set up. Unfortunately since I'm renting, I can't do anything permanent or major that I can't correct later. One of my walls I'm setting up to be cat friendly, so my beasties have a place to climb. My office is also where I hold meetings with customers, and with social workers, and so on, so I'm looking to make it really visually interesting, and welcoming- while on a budget. I intend to put all my fan stuff out and on shelves, and put my posters and stuff out. However, I'm looking to decorate my walls with a few small paintings (max size 15"x15" inch). I'm considering pixel art. I might do a few Mario related ones, but frankly Mario art in geek offices has gotten really cliche. I'm looking to do mostly pokemon and MLP stuff. Do you have any recommendations of art that might look cool in my office? Also, any DIY geek stuff that might be cool in an office? (I like Doctor Who, Star Trek, MLP, and Pokemon)
  3. Welcome back my friend, good to see you agian.

  4. LMAO! Awesome, great expression too!
  5. I've been gone because I was seriously ill for the past year. Finally back online, and feeling better. :)

  6. Happy Birthday :D :D :D *Hugs* :D :D :D I hope you have an awesome time ^w^ :D :D :D

  7. Does anyone know of some good sites where I can buy dress shirts for tall slim men. I wear athletic fit mens shirts anyway, but I'd like to pick up a shirt for my friend. He's 6' 3" and skinny. Any suggestions on websites?

  8. I have two best friends. My first friend, Brittany, I met in Junior High in math class. We were assigned to sit next to each other. I have always been sarcastic and "mouthy", so I often cracked jokes through class and was "sassy". Brittany laughed all the time at my jokes, and told me how funny I was often. A few weeks after knowing each other, she asked me to go to a movie with her. I may have come off as pretty outgoing, and sarcastic, but I was dealing with some serious social anxiety and was fairly shy (still am) but I cover it with humor and sarcasm, and pretend to be outgoing. We went to the movie, and had so much fun together we starts spending time together often, and we became insperable. She lived with my mom and I off and on because her family was abusive to her, and she's been like my sister ever since; 15yrs later we're still family to each other. We accept each other for our weirdness, and she's incredibly kind. My second best friend, I'm even closer with. I met him when I was 21yrs old (27yrs now), and my mother and I went to an audition for Rocky Horror. He was sitting waiting with his daughter, who was 16yrs at the time. My mom and I are very social with strangers, and it was nice to find someone that was as talkative and friendly as we were. I harassed him into auditioning after his daughter, and he ended up getting the part as narrator. I cracked some very nerdy Star Trek jokes, and apparently he thought that was cool and he revealed he was a Trekkie. We became good friends working on the show together despite him being 24yrs older than me, we have a great deal in common. It wasn't until I started having some severe health issues, and he started taking me to the doctor that we started becoming best friend. He eventually started sitting with me during procedures since my mother wouldn't, bringing me food when I was ill, inviting me to go thrift shopping, and talking with me online late at night. I slowly began revealing to him how emotionally and verbally abusive my mother was, and he shared some of the shit he'd gone through. He ended up having to live with me for a short time (he's got some shitty people in his life), and by then, he was already my best friend. This past year in August my mother go married to a stranger on the internet, and then in October she abadoned the house with everything in it, and left me homeless, and my entire family disowned me. I was planning on living in my car, and had planned to kill myself once I found decent homes for my 2 cats and service dog. My friend found out I had knowhere to go, and pretty much saved my life, and gave me a place to live. He knows more about me than anyone ever has, and I can't imagine him not being in my life. He's the best person I've ever known.
  9. Merry Krampus my fellow bronies. I present my yearly holiday card for you, I hope you enjoy it. For those uninitiated to Krampus:
  10. It's pretty expensive on Etsy. Like $200 for a full custom sheet set of just basic 2 pillows, flat sheet, and fitted sheet.
  11. To all the jerks that leave nasty reviews on peoples art and writing. Let's see you pick up a pencil, draw something, or write something, and expose it online for people to review and see how well you take being called nasty names. You can leave critique without being horrible. #DontbeaDick

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    2. Antidaeophobia


      Also, every new writer and artist will make shit when they are first starting, and even when they get older, they will sometimes churn out a piece that is just plain awful. It happens sometimes.




      Oh, profanity! -Golden Freddy

  12. Yes, she's very egotistical. It can be so bad sometimes it can annoy people to the point people don't want to try and befriend her.
  13. Tia's idea of giving isn't really something that someone would want. She wouldn't give you money, as she has none and see no point in it. But she'd probably give someone a pretty rock, or a piece of yarn, or pretty much anything that catches her eye that would typically be considered junk. She doesn't really give typical things- but is highly offended if you don't appreciate it in the same way she does. She only gives to people she considers her friends, but as her friends they pretty much know that she's not going to give them anything of typical value, it's more 'the thought that counts' sort of deal.
  14. She's a draconequus, so that's going to make her a dork anyway. But since my OC is based directly on me, then yes, even if she wasn't a draconequus she would be a dork because I am a huge dork, nerd, geek, weirdo. I gave up on trying to change that aspect about myself a very long time ago. Your icon makes me hungry.