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    I'm a writer and professional crafter/artist. I love to knit, draw and make all sorts of crafts that I sell in my online store. When I'm not creating, I'm obsessing over my favorite fandoms, and fighting grizzly bears with my bare hands. I'm a full time art as of last year since my disability has kept me from working, but I love art, and therefore I love my job. I have a service dog named Abe, who is a redbone coonhound. Despite my sarcasm, weirdness, and humor, I'm actually very friendly, and don't mind chatting.

    You can check out my store on etsy for all my hats and figures, or to order a commission. Check out ebay for all my latest pieces on bid, and deviantart to order a commission, or art piece, I also have a patreon which offers fun art, free drawings for supporters, and gift and prize drawings.

    Deviatnart: http://www.alektorotelumphobia.deviantart.com

    My commonly used OC's are; Tiamat, a draconequus, and Nova, an earth pony.

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