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  1. I love the GoT intro. Pretty epic, in my opinion.
  2. War... war never changes. -The Narrator, Fallout
  3. So, what's your opinion on humanized ponies (not anthropomorphic ones)? I find them fascinating for some reason.
  4. I never had a role model from a video game when I grew up, but I think the canonical Vault Dweller from Fallout is a potential role model because after he helped his community and saved humanity from death, he got kicked out but he never came back for revenge.
  5. I really like Dota 2. I also recently downloaded TF2, and I like it so far.
  6. I like Fallout because the lore is painstakingly detailed. Probably my favorite game franchise.
  7. Probably. He'll probably play 'that mischievous friend of yours' role if he does.
  8. It's going to end up like Sparity: It'll be celebrated by the fandom, but struck down by writers.
  9. Neither. Caesar's Legion is a band of organized, radical-thinking slavers. The NCR would be pretty good, if they weren't imperialistic. I ended up playing for an Independent Vegas, and it wasn't what I expected.
  10. There's this song by Lindsey Stirling called Swag. It's literally called Swag. It's not my favorite though. My favorite is Kay Kyser's Jingle Jangle Jingle. Jingle jangle, mofos.
  11. So, what's the oldest game you've played? I remember the oldest games I've played are Mario for the GameBoy, Fallout 1 and 2, Dungeon Keeper, and Beneath a Steel Sky.
  12. Sometimes. I usually expect people to 'roleplay' when they post if they have a furry/anime character. Not that I have anything against it or them.
  13. I almost read it as bath salts. But seriously, thanks. Now I know why I was feeling queasy.
  14. I really value application compatibility, battery life, durability, and memory. I put lesser prime on resolution, "style", and brand.
  15. Haha, that's funny. Don't mention it again. It scares me.