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  1. bonamb

    Health Fitness advice! :D Read this Beginners health and fitness guide It addresses all areas, up to a decent level (Its also at the top of /fit/, as it is one of the better ones out there)
  2. bonamb

    General What is your favorite body part/ organ

    Opposable thumbs. Oh, and chins.
  3. bonamb

    What do you say in extreme pain?

    I glare at the offending object and occasionally get sarcastic. Doncha dare hurt my little toe because I will sass you to death.
  4. bonamb

    Strict or loose parents?

    Strict, but good strict tbh
  5. bonamb

    How's your memory?

    Its.. meh. I try to improve it, but otherwise I just remember useless facts and objects. People's names are nooooooooooooooooope
  6. To be perfectly honest, none. Phlegmatic seems vaguely close but its far too grim and dour. Have a little happiness jeez. Four options is no where near enough to describe people, no matter how vague you make them.
  7. bonamb

    Random fact thread

    Electric eels are not actually eels, they are instead knifefish.
  8. bonamb

    General Your theme song?

  9. bonamb

    General What do you sound like? Aaah. Tis bonamb. Thar we go.
  10. bonamb

    What is your idea of a Utopia?

    Should be asleep but: An utopia (at least as close as we can get to one) relies on education. Essentially: Educating people to think logically, in which hate and bias would become a thing of the path. People would become aware of others and the end goal would be basic empathy. A friend of mine when I put this proposition to him said "Oh? You send people to a place to learn. Bit like a summer camp that people are sent to to concentrate. Hmmm, maybe we should call them concentration camps! Bit off the mark there. This is not training people to think in a certain way. Its just basic empathy. Wonderful as our current system is, it would benefit from a healthy dose of "what would that feel like if somebody did it to me". Educating people to be empathic, and consider others would solve a whole load of problems. Unfortunately humankind is flawed and this would take a while to implement. Still capitalism, just nicer.
  11. bonamb

    Gaming What games do you play?

    Warframe Skyrim Minecraft Starting D&D Dont play that may any more xD
  12. bonamb

    apart from FIM what else do you obsess about?

    BOOKS Any size, any shape, any content, hardback or not, fiction, fact. FUN. If you dogear one of my precious books you will not live to see the end of this day. AND WOE BETIDE YOU IF YOU BREAK THE SPINE *heavy breathing*
  13. bonamb

    Which labels would you put on yourself?

    - Bibliophile - Procrastinator - Damm bad at spelling - Pretentious - Optimist - Insensitive - Punny - Burner of food