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    Happy birthday!

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      Happy Birthday SCS! :3

  2. Well that's not a hard question. I think I've stayed up around two days so maybe 36-46 hours? I'm really not sure. It was when I was a kid and it was one of my life goals to stay up over night with my friends.
  3. I really like Dead Frontier. It's dark, but it's a good challenge and it can be fun. The only downside is that it will be completely boring and terrible if you don't know what you're doing.
  4. Every time I'm about to say a word, or even think it, but then I change my mind and say another word, I have to say the original word after just to feel satisfied. Otherwise it just... makes me feel weird. I don't know. Or when something isn't straight and I have to straighten it. Then, it turns out it was already straight. Now that I think of it I am really weird.
  5. Welcome. Hey there. Enjoy the place. Uh. Welcome. Hey there. I really have nothing else to say.
  6. When it comes to art, I usually just take suggestions or requests from people. For example at another forum, there are different staff groups. One of them being, "Graphics Crew" which I happen to be in. People just request sigs or drawings and I do that. As for poetry, I usually lie down for a while and think. I think about intelligent people and objects that could symbolize many things such as personalities or people. All you have to do is think some more so you can organize this into a sort of poem.
  7. I think about lots of things. Like how I was such a dumbass. Every year. Every single year, I look back at different situations in my life and old posts at other forums and I facepalm at everything. It disturbs me.
  8. Hey there. Welcome. Have fun. I really don't know what else to say, it's been a while since I was actually active here.
  9. I really don't care whether or not someone uses "strong" language and I don't know why people can get so offended. Sometimes, people use it to get their point across and to be seen seriously. It can be stupid at times when someone uses it like, "wow u stupid fag noob fu*k you I slept with your mom" In that case, it annoys me. However, if someone is using a word in the right situation and uses it only once or twice, then I say it's okay. I understand many people's jimmies will be rustled if they even hear a curse word, but sometimes people need to learn how to deal with things.
  10. The villain was a pretty crappy one. I mean, Discord was much better and this is just, eh. That's just my opinion of course, just saying.
  11. They way I see it, he doesn't wear shoes. Or have feet for that matter. See, people can mistake Slenderman's outstretched arms as tree branches, and his legs as tree trunks. That is, until they see his head. So, I just imagine his "feet" as the bottom of tree stumps. Except they're all black and scary-looking.
  12. Sometimes, I replace everyone's garbage cans with recycling bins secretly. Then, after doing it to the entire neighborhood, I throw crushed up cans out the window, sometimes at people, without anyone seeing me. After a bit, pedestrians see these cans and they're like, "Where the hell did all these cans come from?" They then want to dispose of them. Seeing no garbage cans, they put them in the recycling bins. Yeah, recycling.
  13. I like to punch babies in the face in my free time. Is that bad? Seriously I need to know, please help me out. I also like to do stuff.
  14. I feel the same towards all of you.I try to post around everywhere a bit, and I did a lot, but then I went inactive for several months. Now I'm back, and I'm trying to post everywhere. I've only posted in this thread maybe two or three times, but mostly, I post in the roleplay sections or general discussion in the everfree forest. But for now I'll just stick with a few places.