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  1. Firefly and Surprise were in the comics.... I hope that they check G3 and bring back Minty or Thistle Whistle. c:
  2. Well, season four is gone with the wind! So that means its time to get my hopes up! 1: The Mane 6 have to travel to Zecora's homeland. 2: Harold Hill MLP spinoff. (I love the original 'The Music Man'!) 3: New pony species. 4: A batpony main character! 5: We meet more of the Mane 6's parents. 6: Golden Harvest has an episode. 7: The story of why Princess Luna & Celestia aren't queens or why their parents are never around. 8: Pinkie Pie has to calm down and still be positive, just not hyperactive. 9: Discord accidentally has a power leak and we see ponies around the globe. 10: The season finale will have Sombra be reborn and taken in as a little colt, and I hope on tho hope they will make a movie but not with Equestria girls but just about Sombra and The Mane 6 but how Sombra was reborn and why he became evil. (Also he's a unicorn, I wasn't happy that Ink Rose's fanfic said he was a Crystal Pony.) Thats about it! Well, what do you all think is gonna happen? Do you think a villain will return? Do you think some pony is coming? Just post your ideas!
  3. Actually, its because I'm a tomboy, so, I don't care about fashion or something stupid like that, I mean, at the end of the episode I was like, "What... the fluffy kittens did I just watch!?" I mean, why didn't she even know there would be puppets? And this all happened because a stallion told her it won't do, seriously?
  4. Name ideas: One's True Heart, The Shimmering Protection, I'm not big on titles, but I really like the idea of the story! c:
  5. This episode makes me hate Rarity, I'm sorry, it just does, I mean like, the "Nom, nom, nom?" Not even cute! She probably killed ponies by blinding them! (They ran into stuff and still fell on them and the doctors and nurses couldn't get to them because of the blindingness..) My ending: Rarity needs to die. (I'm not saying that nobody should like Rarity, I'm just saying she's too much of a drama queen, and Spike should've set her on fire.)
  6. Wow, I cannot get that outta my head... help?
  7. Eh, I was kind of bored, and it was around 12 AM my time, but hey, I don't really care so much. I had my Mtn Dew and I still feel like I'm in the water.
  8. Ok so, this happened, I was once with my friend discussing 'The Crystal Empire' when we got into Sombra, I said, "What is he was brought back in season five?" so my friend asked, "Would he still be evil?" I thought about it then said, "His horn could've been accidentally put into a stew for a sickly pregnant mare, who drinks the brew and gives birth to Sombra." my friend and I thought about it, so we started coming up with stories, anyway, here is the art I drew just a few moments ago, with my shaky self from being on the boat.. It took a while, but its done. PS: Evil Sombra is Sombra's shadow. Which is weird because I just said, Shadow's shadow. (WHAT?!)
  9. Oh, ok, I wasn't saying, 'CHANGE IT ITS AN UGLY COLOR.' like some people might want to do, but I was just saying. (PS: I'm not so good at drawing ponies... so, this is better than mine... if I were to draw Luna.)
  10. My only problem is how small the moon on her necklace is, and how her man seems a little bit too bright, other than that, its amazing!
  11. I'm not sure, I have Pencil, but its hard to animate when you can't even draw your... WHATEVERITISYOURDRAWING! Or.. animating.. anyway, I've been looking for something to use which involves flash puppets, but I'm kind of broke.. I would suggest either using a drawing tool then draw every thing frame.. eh, I'm not much on animation, anyway.
  12. I've actually never kept up with the episodes, I better watch the last new episode because I haven't seen it yet.. >~<
  13. Its a straight jacket, he woke up in it...
  14. OH NO, HAALLPP! TWITCH- Oh wait- he's not here... HELP! SPLASH FEATHER! GINGER CHROME?! HELP!- Comet Beat.