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  1. What do you guys of an american Dr. who kindof series on youtube? friend of mine and me were thinkin of doin it.

  2. sooo why am i notified everytime soneone makes a status update again???

    1. ~C. Discord~

      ~C. Discord~

      tech ticket :3 The average joe isn't going to know, bro.

  3. New lets play of slenderman christmas special map

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jokarr


      lil i downloaded the slender shadows and played the christmas special first cuz is the least scariest. i love slender games but nothing scares me more than him XD

    3. AngelofDeath


      Lol I hear ya there. Like I said, I played the original Slender game and I only played it once. Got 5 pages and that was the end. XD I give people credit for playing other Slender games cause I sure as hell won't haha

    4. Jokarr


      on this video i get more than i ever have in any other slender game ive played XD

  4. i dont know how many people on this forum have seen my videos, but heres me playin amnesia!

  5. out fo boredom i bought amnesia :o

  6. so ive been tryin to be active around here but for the last month or so every time i try to respond to a thread the webpage shuts down!

    1. dar tunsh

      dar tunsh

      Perhaps update the browser? Mmmm, that's my suggestion, but I'm not the best when it comes to programming-fixes.

  7. Im thinkin of postin some of my lets play videos where i play some scary games...but would any of you guys watch em?

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    2. dar tunsh

      dar tunsh

      Also, I subbed :3

    3. Jokarr


      a friend of mine can upload a 20 minute video in 40 minutes :o so i thought it was my computer....ATLEAST IM NOT ALONE!!!

    4. Jokarr


      AWESOME :D. you should watch some of em. ive got like 20 videos to upload still!

  8. I dress rather bland. a shirt advertising a band i like, with a flanel shirt over that and either my leather coat or a zip up hoodie. Most the time its the hoodie. Oh and jeans, preferably black, but im so fat the look like skinny jeans (which they arent) thats my outfit
  9. I really should be more active here O_O

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    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      You should be here more.

    3. MatrixChicken


      I remember you, too. You were one of the first people to welcome me here! :D

    4. Jokarr


      who could forget the dino hat :D its the only way i know who i am... and i keep sayin ill visit more often but ti never happens!!! idk why! :\

  10. YO! i know most of you dont know who i am but i do have a question. A DJ frien of mine needs help with some graphic design on his music for his youtube videos and well, anybody up to help a aspiring DJ? His name is symbionic if you wanna look him up.

    1. Show previous comments  14 more
    2. MatrixChicken


      xD No seriously, does he want just a simple background to plaster a visualizer over, or just an epic still image?


      If you can't beat the information out of him, ProjectRKA will give you some awesome stuff. xD

    3. Jokarr


      i am bein serious. D: he wants to do it all so give me everything!! XD

    4. MatrixChicken



  11. This is Swordfishtrombone, remember? Also, happy birthday, I wasn't here at that time.

    1. Jokarr


      ooohhhh ok. i didnt know it was you XD

  12. No really, I tried ringing you once.

    1. Jokarr


      really? i have a number on my phone that im not sure who it belongs may be you if you live in the US...

  13. Happy Birthday

  14. Happy birthday!