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Status Updates posted by Jokarr

  1. What do you guys of an american Dr. who kindof series on youtube? friend of mine and me were thinkin of doin it.

  2. sooo why am i notified everytime soneone makes a status update again???

    1. NavelColt


      tech ticket :3 The average joe isn't going to know, bro.

  3. New lets play of slenderman christmas special map http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bViwOQNv9c&feature=youtu.be

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    2. Jokarr


      lil i downloaded the slender shadows and played the christmas special first cuz is the least scariest. i love slender games but nothing scares me more than him XD

    3. AngelofDeath


      Lol I hear ya there. Like I said, I played the original Slender game and I only played it once. Got 5 pages and that was the end. XD I give people credit for playing other Slender games cause I sure as hell won't haha

    4. Jokarr


      on this video i get more than i ever have in any other slender game ive played XD

  4. i dont know how many people on this forum have seen my videos, but heres me playin amnesia! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgY2YcOnjcc

  5. out fo boredom i bought amnesia :o

  6. so ive been tryin to be active around here but for the last month or so every time i try to respond to a thread the webpage shuts down!

    1. dar tunsh

      dar tunsh

      Perhaps update the browser? Mmmm, that's my suggestion, but I'm not the best when it comes to programming-fixes.

  7. Im thinkin of postin some of my lets play videos where i play some scary games...but would any of you guys watch em?

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    2. dar tunsh

      dar tunsh

      Also, I subbed :3

    3. Jokarr


      a friend of mine can upload a 20 minute video in 40 minutes :o so i thought it was my computer....ATLEAST IM NOT ALONE!!!

    4. Jokarr


      AWESOME :D. you should watch some of em. ive got like 20 videos to upload still!

  8. I really should be more active here O_O

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    2. Harmonic Revelations

      Harmonic Revelations

      You should be here more.

    3. MatrixChicken


      I remember you, too. You were one of the first people to welcome me here! :D

    4. Jokarr


      who could forget the dino hat :D its the only way i know who i am... and i keep sayin ill visit more often but ti never happens!!! idk why! :\

  9. YO! i know most of you dont know who i am but i do have a question. A DJ frien of mine needs help with some graphic design on his music for his youtube videos and well, anybody up to help a aspiring DJ? His name is symbionic if you wanna look him up.

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    2. MatrixChicken


      xD No seriously, does he want just a simple background to plaster a visualizer over, or just an epic still image?


      If you can't beat the information out of him, ProjectRKA will give you some awesome stuff. xD

    3. Jokarr


      i am bein serious. D: he wants to do it all so give me everything!! XD

    4. MatrixChicken



  10. you lookin for an untapped new site for bronies?! with a live chatroom and a shit ton of fun?!?! check ithttp://www.mlpchat.com/

    1. Jokarr


      stupid space bar >.> use this link!! http://www.mlpchat.com/

    2. Dany Heatley

      Dany Heatley

      just............................... no

    3. NavelColt




      Forum guy, not a chat guy. Came here initially from there, enjoying it here a lot more. But, hope folks over there enjoy it.

  11. life. its finally lookin up for me! wooooooooooooo!

  12. makin fun of my ponies?!! you better shut up before i go all fivefinger death punch on you, tie you up with a slipknot, and destroy you like guns and roses! hellyeah!

  13. ok seriously...SOMEBODY JOIN ME ON XBOXLIVE!! CaBooSesCake13 is mah GT

  14. just got yeled at for spendin too much on the computer. AKA the forums.

    1. DozzyDash


      Ya lol. My mom yells at me all the time for being on the computer.

    2. Jokarr


      he walked up to me and just blew up....rageface all red and veins sticckin out an everything! i tried to explain that when hes workin im lookin for a job but he stormed off....i have a feeling he thinks this is all i do everyday

  15. you guys should go check out my lyrics! i could use some critiquing and comments are much appreciatedhttp://mlpforums.com/topic/13392-jokas-awesome-lyrics/.

    1. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      404 because dumb strike.

  16. anybody out there have xboxlive?!

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    2. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      !DJ J0KA!XD has replied to !DJ J0KA!XD's status

    3. Typhoid Libby

      Typhoid Libby

      I'm just providing same amount of social interaction as Live will allow.

    4. Jokarr


      oh ok haha...makes a little bit of sense i guess

  17. hey! im a squirrel XD

  18. everypony!! check out my lyrics please! i wanna get someponies opinions on them XD

    1. Jokarr


      i was actually just about to do that lol

  19. well since the forums are calmin down, and i cant sleep, im gonna start my lyric thread!! XD

    1. Swordfishtrombone
    2. Jokarr


      i am...i gotta finish writin this last song then ill start XD


  20. how do you make spoilers again?!

    1. Doctor XFizzle

      Doctor XFizzle

      whatever your spoiler is

    2. Jokarr


      thanks doc!


  21. i was thinkin of startin a thread and postin my lyrics there, but who would want to read my dark, empty lyrics of awesomeness?

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    2. Swordfishtrombone
    3. Parties like Pinkie

      Parties like Pinkie

      oh swordfish, there's someone in the sugarcube corner that started a thread about a tabletop MLP game, i told them to contact you so they could help, but you might wanna go check out the thread yourself.

    4. Jokarr


      ok lol i will....thats gonna be alot of typing

  22. oh rancid how i missed thee. XD

  23. text me!!! im gonna be on the road for 5 hours and super bored! 3076600433

    1. Jibus


      Not the smartest idea to give away your phone number so easily lol

    2. Jokarr


      awww dont be a poor sport XD.... believe me i dont really care who has my number.

  24. i cant sleep....ive watched 3 episodes of ponies...i cant stop!! XD not a bad thing tho

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    2. Nightfall


      Scary, that many ponies XD

    3. Jokarr


      its like they are forever embedded in my head...everything and i mean EVERYTHING reminds me of ponies....

      hear a creepy voice around the corner? its just pinkie no worries XD

      listen to my lil sister talk...sounds just like a crabby fluttershy

      look at myself in the mirror...im like a very masculine ( and bald) RD XD

    4. Nightfall



      I close my eyes most times and see ponies...

      I've taken this too far, I then think... and more ponies appear... XD

  25. well im off for bed. gonna watch some ponies XD night all!

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