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    MUSIK: punk rock, all sorts of metal, hardstyle, techno
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    movies: scott pilgrimm vs the world, iron man, slvin and the chipmunks, kung fu panda, paul
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    im also straight

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  1. YO! i know most of you dont know who i am but i do have a question. A DJ frien of mine needs help with some graphic design on his music for his youtube videos and well, anybody up to help a aspiring DJ? His name is symbionic if you wanna look him up.

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    2. ProjectRKA


      @Jokarr: I'll get to work then. :)

    3. ProjectRKA


      @Jokarr: This is what I have so far, mate.

    4. Jokarr


      lol chaotic just give me anything you got bro.

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