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    MUSIK: punk rock, all sorts of metal, hardstyle, techno
    BOOKS: fantasy, sci-fi, mystery
    TV: MLP, psych,animes,
    movies: scott pilgrimm vs the world, iron man, slvin and the chipmunks, kung fu panda, paul
    Hobbies: photography, videogames, singing, writing (lyrics & stories), camping, hangin with friends, on and off forums.
    im also straight

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  1. Im thinkin of postin some of my lets play videos where i play some scary games...but would any of you guys watch em?

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    2. Jokarr


      i have fraps, but i havent got amnesia yet. im buyin ti with my next paycheck though.

    3. Jokarr


      http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oDWjm4aVudE&list=PLtsD2kjzxjoQI5w3vdS9tg0z2N_jf5gU8 theres a playlist with all my videos on it so far...my computer takes forever to upload them so theres only like 9 so far and most are of my friend right now.
    4. dar tunsh

      dar tunsh

      YouTube takes forever to upload ANYTHING. :T

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