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  1. So I have an iPhone and with the new software update people have been customizing their homescreens, icons, etc. I was wondering does anyone have a mlp theme for their phone? Im trying to google icons but not much pops up when it comes to certain ponies I'm looking for (moondancer, tempest shadow, derpy). Any suggestions?
  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. CinnamonSwirl


      Thank you! sorry for the late reply.


  3. So scootaloos back story is just like Hey Arnold...shes based off of Arnold?
  4. To me it sucks. I dont like the lack of details or waving arms around stupidly like spongebob. I never liked gravity falls because of how they were drawn.
  5. New show? Like thet CGI pinkie pie? I just hope it's not g5
  6. I hope not. It seems like all the cartoons nowadays are drawn really fast or real "cartoony" and they teen titans GO. I said the same thing! I hope it isnt true. Seems like all the good cartoons were made some time ago and nowadays they're just thrown together with this type of crappy animation.
  7. I saw this on fb on my little pony page....this g5?! I hope not.
  8. Yes. No cutie mark or wings. Showing her excitement for books and elements of harmony. Thanks. Im drawing the rest! I got fluttershy and RD and AJ done.
  9. Working on my digital drawings while I have the time off! Any tips I'm open to criticism. I dont know how to do backgrounds as of yet so it's all blank. Also trying to figure out how to sign my name too on it.

    1. Splashee


      You are so good with colors. Try some gradients for a simple sky as a background, put some stars. :mlp_huh:

  10. So I'm new at digital art. I'm not good at background so I left it out. I want to tweak this because of the neck being so long but idk how to without messing eveything else up. I try drawing ponies serious like others but for some reason mine keep coming out so childish and not as detailed and realistic. Any tips? Omg I forgot her eyelashes!!!!! And the sparkle
  11. So I'm late at this. Yesterday I turned 29....again 😂 low on funds but my husband made me a homemade cake since I couldnt order a mlp one and he bought me another unicorn plushie! I also purified myself. Though I'm new to digital art and i... I hate it honestly ..she doesnt look good. But
  12. So I cant upload a picture to my profile. Its saying too big. HELP!!

    1. ShadOBabe


      If it’s in PNG try uploading it as a JPEG. Smaller file size.

  13. So I cant believe I'm 31 today! I finally decided to poinify myself. Drawing now and will have my other 2 OCs I drew introduce my pony tomorrow.