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  1. C.C.

    Pinkie in Halo?

    Pinkie stahp your not making them smile Also her knife is a mini Pinkie XD
  2. C.C.

    Equestria Girls: Creepy Fluttershy

    And I mean that giant opening in her too.
  3. C.C.

    Cutie Mark Names

    I have been wondering since the first day I became a pegasister how the parents of ponies know how to name their children after their cutie marks and such, and in Hearth's Warming Eve I realized that the ponies from long ago were not really named after their cutie marks. And from the very start it seems that the ponies knew something about their young's future or something because Celestia was named after the sun and Luna the moon, and they are years older than the ponies in Twi's generation. And Starswirl was named after his magical abilities even when he was (this is gonna make me sound rude) really old. So how the heck to the parents know their child's cutie mark, or is it just a lucky guess?
  4. Yeah I don't think they would do that on a show directed to kids either.
  5. Looking around Inky saw how silent it was, and she chuckled nervously before changing the subject. "Soooo....I've met the Princess." I have to keep typing so ingnore me right now ok? BLAB BLAB BLAB THE ALIENS ARE COMMING WOW I CANT SPELL TODAY LOL I CAN NOT JUST OK bye.
  6. What the...what the actual BUCK ARE YOU DOING IN MY HOUSE!? Ohh...it was that party wasn't it.... Wait...WHY ARE WE IN MY BED?! (And what the buck are you..?)
  7. ....Really-wanting-something-y.
  8. C.C.

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    I don't have one. Fav. Pony?
  9. C.C.

    Equestria Girls: Creepy Fluttershy

    What is that stuff on her. O.O
  10. C.C.

    Twilight Sparkle

    That is amazing! But I have to ask you why there is a half-circle thing above her eye...
  11. C.C.

    Do the Mane Six have weak character?

    I like Applejack very much because of her "Honesty" as you put it, and I think she has more to herself than that.
  12. "Umm...yeah. Thanks?" Inky knew that was not the question, but for the sake of awkwardness, she dropped the question. I have to put 200 letters and numbers here, so yeah I am going to blab in small text for a while....BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB BLAB
  13. C.C.

    The Confession Game