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  1. Happy birthday! ^-^ Hope you have a wonderful time~ ^w^

  2. Little Wind was freaking out. Midnight had put that armor on with his mind. Course he couldn't freak too much not like he could freeze time to browse his inventory at any point in time whenever he wished. Right? Either way he started on his way to the barrow checking his own equipment as well. He has a iron sword and some body armor, but no hoof slipper/boot things or helmet. If he had any, he doesn't now because the narrator of Little Winds thoughts and actions is too lazy to remember. (Gonna let you get us there. Wherever your character goes mine will follow)
  3. OH I'm looking forward to battlefront. I had 2 on PS2 and it was amazing. Loved every bit of it. So hyped for battlefront!
  4. (You're dedicated homie. I'll give you that. I thought this thing was deader than a draug that you brought back from killing it and it turned into a pile of dust. Course I haven't been on this website since.... I can't remember actually. I think last year?) Little Wind had absolutely no clue what was going on. Drakk was still asleep (as far as he knew) and that old ruin was still waiting. He galloped out of the out and put the main gate, only to find Midnight talking the ear off of a cat pony thing. It looked like a cat, but had the build of a stallion. Weird. Anyway, Little Wind trotted up to Midnight and tapped him on his muzzle, then pointed his hoof in the general direction of the ruin. As if to say, let's go kill some stuff. (Ps I would love to see this come back to life again. Might take some work)
  5. As excited as Wind was to get to the dungeon they were going to, a death in a main city was equally exciting. Course he would never have known if not for Midnight stopping. He went to midnights side and saw Drakk asleep. "You really think it's a good idea to wake him up? He seems at peace." Wind said
  6. "I think we should start it right away. It is the first real quest we got in this land and w should fulfill it. Plus Dragons do bring a sense of urgency to my life. So let's go!" Wind said, galloping to the front entrance before remembering he didn't know where to go.
  7. "Dude who wouldn't explore a deadly cave that has the possibility of imminent death? And you say it's an old ruin? Than no doubt their are bodies of ancient ponies that may have been resurrected. Plus the chances of some serious bank? Yeah I'm in." Wind said. "When do we start?"
  8. After putting away the floating gem, he heard a strange "da-dum hoo" and looked around. Nothing was around that make a sound, so he dismissed it. He turned and went back to the main hall. He noticed Midnight and went to his side. He plopped his left front leg (no clue what else to call it) around Midnight's neck and asked him, "Why are we waiting here?"
  9. (I haven't been posting lately because I've been without internet for a while) Little Wind shook his head and looked around. He had zoned for a minute and forgot where he was. He remembered Midnight trotting up to the castle and galloped to him. The door was just closing and he slipped in. He looked around and remembered the place was called Dragons Reach. He read about it in an imperial travel guide he grabbed from a bandit camp once. He walked up the stairs and saw Midnight talking to a pony with gray fur and one dressed in royal garb. A surprised look on their face. Wind decided to slink off and explore. After exploration took him into the jarls chambers, he realized their was but bags everywhere. "Looks like I've got an extra 324 coming in." He smiled. After he plundered the money, he saw a gem floating on a container. He picked it up and put it in his saddlebag. "Maybe I'll get it for an awesome price."
  10. Hey guys sorry I haven't been posting my internets been out. Give me a few hours I'm bout to nap
  11. Outside Ponyville Residential After a few minutes of hanging from a Pegasus who may be talking to something that's not there, Little Wind decided to hop off and investigate the figure in the distance. The one who seemed to be going inside the place. "Yo I'm gonna hop off. I think I see something in the distance that's interesting. I'm sure you know where your going so I'll meet you at the Acres". He prepared himself for the land and jumped to the ground. As soon he was down he bolted off, knowing idling too long could attract more biters than a dead animal. But no matter how fast you run, you'll always run into something. Three zombies were standing in the middle of the street, and unless he wanted to go through houses, he had to go through them. He got his bat ready in his mouth and swung at the middle one. The bag connected and the side of the biters head looked like it exploded. The other two swung their hats around and lunged. Wind dodged and knocked th both to the ground before running. One of them was a Pegasus and it tried to follow him, but it crashed in a house and the building tumbled down. A couple minutes later he was out of breath and standing in front of the 'figure' he saw earlier. Luckily it was a live pony. In between breaths he said "Hey man. You going into the forest because that seems dangerous." (Cabbage or Something)
  12. Just Outside Ponville Residential (I'm guessing) @Rain "Holy crap!" Little Wind said after being picked up. "If you gonna do that I'm gonna have to get you a saddle!" She stopped in front of dorm cyber pony and began taking to it. Saying that he had a safe place. 'Well I guess I do, but for how long? I don't know.' But put the corner of his eye he saw a commotion. He looked like he went through some tough times. 'But who isn'?
  13. Ok so with the tell where we are thing, I don't know where my character is. But Sriracha sure does
  14. "Don't know about any 'safe havens' but I've been squatting at Sweet Apple Acres for about a month and maybe one or two biters came out the woods. You guys have heard that term right? Whatever it's all the same. Either way we could Head there and sit for a day or two." Little Wind said, walking around the roof they were on,looking for a way down. "I seriously don't wanna jump. But it's looking like I might have to." He whispered. "Anyway if you guys wanna and maybe aren't native to Poyville I could show you guys where it is."
  15. Little Wind heard Midnight talking about the nine divines and snickered. "Love that fight. There's only eight, no there's nine!" He shook his head and went to pick up the body with Midnight. "Ok let's get him to the di- I mean inn." He corrected, looking shady as all heck.