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  1. I had dyed my hair a deep maroon color for BABScon, which accompanied by my naturally curly hair that tends to quickly become a rat's nest, made it look almost like a copy of Pinkie Pie's hair. That lasted a good month or so, from which I got a few compliments and off putting stares from people. However in a way you can say that because of that, I was already half-way there. As for dressing like the character? Well then, all I'd need is some white, sky blue and yellow "girly" clothes and I'd be ready to go!
  2. If MLP directly started to preach things in its stories and morals that I morally object to as what I percieve to be as a decent human being. It's already done that at least once or twice for me over the last four seasons which I account as a fluke of bad writing. However if it began happening more and more then the likelihood of it being a fluke then would begin to wane and the potential for it being diliberate increases. The moment the show starts to really go downhill is the moment I'm out for good and stopping any and all support of it. I support that which I believe in, in that which
  3. Not many to be honest these days due to personal safety reasons, so my options just seem to be limited for me sadly. Before people jump on that, let's just say I conform as much as a butterfly in an ant hill when it comes to most of America and don't want trouble just because of who and what I am. Which could occur due to social stigmas, religious intolerance and even archaic laws and ways of thinking in places. I'm not going to lie to myself just so I can freely go someplace, cause to me that's not freedom. :okiedokielokie: That's tyranny. However I'd love to go back to see the redwoods s
  4. When it comes to episode reviews, I never go wrong with the MysteriousMrEnter. To me, he's perhaps as fair and balanced as they come on this sort of thing as well entertaining while doing so. Not to mention he reviews and critiques other shows as well these days as well, not just My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. As for general brony/pony analysis, that's usually when I turn towards DrWolf. While he's perhaps been around just a little longer than I have, he's actually made a bit of a name for himself in this fandom and I respect him for that. Love how he brings a calming, unique style t
  5. This is perhaps something that I have oddly thought about before. Wrapping it up into a quote to make it look nice and tidy. Amber Rays is the ponified version of me and like her she comes from around San Fransisco (San Flanksisco). My personal element is fire and so her element is the same which is reflected in her talent and other abilities, which also reflect the fact that the sun sets in the West as well the West Coast suffers grass fires on occassion. As a local cloud manager she also has the ability to generate and maintain fog and create breezes.
  6. I've only ever been acknolwedged by one what I assume is a local brony/pegasister and it was just so unexpected. Was just there, preparing a drink at a coffee shop when all the sudden out of my right ear I hear a woman say to me, "Pinkie Pie is best pony." Because I had a pin on the side of my bag which was of course Pinkie Pie. If I remember correctly I was starting to wear little bits of pony stuff back then, such as a pin on my bag. Not enough to draw attention I had hoped, but enough to be there. Though I was still all kinds of new to everything so all I remember doing was looking at h
  7. Think the part here that I can relate to the most is the children here. I know how they will feel when they grow older. One of my parents, while not as openly and blatantly racist towards certain people as the woman in the video in question was, still held a lot of subtle racism both from where she came from and from past experiences. Accompanied by a particular type of denial she had concerning it all, it had caused me for the longest time to grow older with a distrust towards certain individuals of particular skin types while not fully understanding why exactly. What's sad about it is, I
  8. I buy them to fulfill several needs. I must own all the Pinkie Pies ever! The more pie, the better! To be honest, I'm actually almost caught up on just the brushables now. Three brushables to go! Woohoo! Same goes for Funko vinyl figures. They were the first toys I bought and since then, I almost have every single one they've produced so far sans chasers and prototypes (the latter will probably never happen anytime soon). If it's cool or worth collecting, I will buy it. This includes artwork, figures, customs, parodies, fakies, interesting store displays/advertisements, ect. Then there's i
  9. *walks out of room and fan girl screams* *walks back in* That is so adorable!
  10. I think it looks pretty cool. Can't wait to see it colored when you get around to it hon.
  11. Probably will pop up on Hot Topic for pre-order eventually sometime in the next couple of months. Same thing happened with Applejack and Big "McIntosh" (seriously guys?). They got a quick preview similar to this then weeks passed by and bam, pre-orders were available. Though as for these two... dammit Funko! I'm running out of space for all your figures! Looks like I better make room for two more of the vinyl collectibles. Move over Trixie, Rares is coming in hard.
  12. Once viewed myself as a furry a while back ago, but never was able to find a place within the fandom myself. Always feeling like an outsider looking in, even if I may have already been in. However it wasn't apparent to me. You could've called me a stranger. However do I consider myself a furry today? No I do not. Between my lack of experiences with their fanbase and my closest friend's very negative experiences with their fanbase, I will not call myself a furry. Ever. Simple as that. Though regardless, I will hold no ill feelings towards furries and the like. Cause if that's what t
  13. I'll just say that regardless of how many times that I've felt let down by the fanbase, at no point in time did I ever seriously imagine creating my own fandom. It's a rediculous notion and solves absolutely nothing since it'd only create more problems due to the innevitability of an us versus them mentality forming amongst both groups. In short, agressors on each side would become anti-"bronies" if that were to occur. I feel it defeats the whole purpose of a My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fandom. We're here to enjoy ponies and treat eachother accordingly based upon their actions towa
  14. That moment you realize you're missing only a few Pinkie Pies... before you're caught up with them all. Such a satisfying feeling.

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