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  1. I don't trust your bubbles man... they are to shady for me.

  2. Just finished watching It's a Wonderful Life for the millionth time (I only watch it on Christmas day, but I wasn't in the mood for any of my other movies). THE most adorable movie ever
  3. Right? Some people can't stand South Park and just see it as raunchy toilet humor, but the show actually does have some heartwarming moments
  4. Butters put it better than anyone I would say sadness is a good thing, because if you've never been sad you are likely empathetic. Everyone has rough points in their life. But, as others previously stated, too much sadness can be detrimental to your health. As hard as it is to believe, sadness is actually a good thing provided you don't feel sad all the time. It's proof that you're still alive, and that's quite an accomplishment if you think about it
  5. I think it looks amazing I think it would look more dramatic if the distance between NMM and Celestia was greater and there was more emphasis on the hole in the ceiling, but those are just personal preferences. They don't take away from the fact that this is one hoof of a drawing! Great work Foxx
  6. I haven't heard this in years, but I remembered the tune today and couldn't get it out of my head after that
  7. Personally I prefer pegasister. I just can't identify with "brony" unless it's used to refer to us as a group.
  8. Wow, when I first posted here this thread was ~500 replies. Now we're getting close to 1,000! Pinkie would be proud
  9. Banned for breaking rotation. It's my turn
  10. The Fault In Our Stars was love <3 excellent movie, but the novel is much better (as usual)

    1. Spreelly


      most novels are.

  11. Banned because no one could have prevented it