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  1. It's my Computer Desk in my room. So yeah I won't get in trouble ^^ Thanks
  2. Now 1. I adopted my first OC (Computer Tweaker) off.
  3. desu desu desu desu desu desu desu
  4. I'm planning to paint it. To add colour and minimize the chance of smudgeing.
  5. Well I'm back from my 2 day suspension. (Note to self double check what I post)

    1. SCS


      welcome back :)

  6. Vocaloid -Tonio -Prima Earthworm Jim -3D Valve Games -Ricochet Simpsons (games) Bart vs. the space mutants (Mega Drive)
  7. So this took about a week. What do you think?
  8. That was pretty cool ^^. However Maud had a slight face spasm at the end.
  9. Sonic Adventure/2, Chu-Chu Rocket! and Phantasy Star Online. Dreamcast FTW ^^
  10. A new Motherboard and CPU. My machine is getting old now.