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About Me


I'm Edd! A 14 Year old Brony / Otaku!

I have been in this fandom for 2 Years now...




<3 Gundam :3


Mane 6 in order of my favorites:


1) Pinkie Pie pinkie_pie_hoofstomp_animation_by_tomdantherock-d4dyp8c.gif

(Pinkie Got a Promotion)


2) Applejack pixel_applejack_by_tylerlegrand-d3cspxw.gif

3) Rainbow Dash 138480_UNOPT_safe_rainbow-dash_animated_pixel-art_artist-robokitty.gif

4) Twilight Sparkle Twilight_Sparkle_Pixel_Dance.gif

5) Fluttershy fluttershy_animation_test_by_squidsomniacs-d740vbf.gif

6) Rarity317240__safe_rarity_animated_pixel%252Bart_sprite_desktop%252Bponies_couch_artist-colon-botchan-dash-mlp.gif


My Favorite Background pony:


The Great and Powerful Trixie! trixie__watch_in_awe_by_yamino-d3fs5gi.gif




Here is my Pony Personality Test Result.



So I am a Shy Pinkie Pie huh.... Makes sense...


And now some Art I like:







I often use UTAU and Vocaloid



I also use Pinkie Hypnosis 'cause it is fun

See Ya!