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  1. Hi there, and happy birthday! =3 Hope you have a good time~ ^o^

  2. Being a gamer, youtuber, fandom artist, and musician I have a deep distaste for all things "sleep" related. Every moment I'm awake I'm busy and active getting stuff done. So with all those unnecessary facts out of the way. The longest I've ever stayed up was 96 hours with multiple Red Bull's and Monster's and the longest I've stayed up on pure willpower was 41 hours. My average schedule is 32 hours awake 12 hours sleep rinse and repeat with Red Bull and Monsters occasionally. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Hey! Welcome to the forums I'm glad to see so many new people joining lately. It seems your first few questions have been answered but if you need help with anything else add me or message me! Peace. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  4. Bonjour et bienvenue! Hello and welcome. Glad to see another mixed fandom person joining the forums. I myself am a furry and a brony and I do enjoy panic at the disco! "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" being my favorite song. <3 Again... Welcome to the forums and I sincerely hope you enjoy it here. If you have questions or need help with anything I'm always here feel free to add me or message me. Peace. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
  5. This isn't technically the best place to look for something like this but there are plenty of talented artists in the pony community and I need a drawing done to use as my avatar for my new channel. None of the other wow commission sites are active. If anypony is willing to take up the task of doing a custom piece of artwork for me, I'll pay anything reasonable with my price range being flexible around $50. Reply if interested.
  6. Hey PieFan! Welcome to the forums, If you have any questions or need help with anything don't hesitate to ask. I can guarantee that you'll love it here. I'm one of the many MLP artists! So here is one of my videos to give you a warm welcome
  7. I'm looking for someone to skype and play league with, and we can be the bestest friends in the whole wide world :3 *Note, I'm on the North America Server, so... thats a factor to keep in mind. PM me ;3
  8. Hey, I only have one question, will somepony out there be my carry? c; Moreover... anyone wanna be the best of friends play league, and skype? I'm one hell of a support! Ezreal... I know your out there.. I just hope you find this post... x) P.S.S I've always wanted a best friend to play league with. Q_Q P.S.S.S I'm on League of Legends NORTH AMERICA... so.. yea you gotta be on NA. ._.
  9. = Approved = Approved = Approved = Approved You'll be receiving your information packets via PM, within a few days because our main choreographer will be sending you the stuff not me, and it'll still take him a few days to get everyones roles / tasks in order. Talk to you all soon! Brohoof /)
  10. Welcome to the forums! yay! Brohoof /)
  11. Exactly the perfect advice I was looking for! and yea WoW is the best, But thanks and I'm really glad I asked here rather than the rest of the trolly internet. Oh and one last thing I added you on league in reply to your comment on my "gaming friend?" topic. Once I saw you were gold I was a bit hesitant... But then I hoped you'd understand I'm actually a really skilled player but NA's Ranked community is so terrible and so toxic I got put into B5 from trolls, feeders, and afkers... I did my best, and actually did really well compared to the trolls on my team for this season anyway Brohoof Thanks man! /)
  12. Then your not a gamer nor should you be on this thread. Your contradicting yourself
  13. I see. No comment hehe. I know nothing about this private serverness you speak of. I will gladly throw my money at blizzard. They are the best #BlizzardFanboy. and on a sidenote... FairyTail is such an amazing anime huh?
  14. Cheers. Horde are "stronger, better, faster, power." lol. Anyway yea I love US, Emerald Dream it's the best server I've ever been on and it's a balanced mix of RP/PVP ... oh and a really good economy! HORDE FOR LIFE! /) That's the most hypocritical and blindly stated paragraph I've ever seen, My signature displays my proud Geared PVP rogue, and this forum was peaceful and fun about world of warcraft before you butted in with your complaining, and negativity. Seems like you have quite the snarky attitude aswell. Also any true wow player would know to ignore tradechat since anyone in their right mind knows thats where the trolls of the community chat, and it shouldn't bother anyone unless you yourself are a troll. The wow forums are mostly for blizzard to announce new patches or other new events, or to help people having issues or bugs troubleshoot, again the opinions of trolls aren't a reasonable ground to stand on in this argument. I'm ending this Little debate here and now before it gets out of hand. So to be the mature, and yet also passionate Horde Brony... I Herebye end this debate. Good day sir. and Brohoofs to the rest of you /)