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  1. gosh ive been so busy i havent been on here in a while. all i can say is im excited for risen 3 bring back the its so bad its good rpg

  2. "Happy 2013th birthday amercia......" said a facebook post last year today. i still feel the stupid in my blood

  3. the behemoth are making a new game also , its title right now is just "game 4" but theyve already been having some promotion about it and made some merch for it. im kind of excited. i loved alien hominid and castle crashers. battle block has amazing atmosphere but the other two games are more fun for me.
  4. just unloaded a truck. and got angry about something that ill have to have a word with someone pretty soon about it.

  5. i cleaned my house today. i found money. i must have been super lazy to not clean if getting paid randomly was part of it

  6. big mac. cause really who doesnt wanna hear eeeeeyup everytime you ask a question instead of the actual answer
  7. i woke up with a headache. but i have some weird cake made of veggies so its all good i guess

  8. Just woke up to confusion and wondering if i should even bother saving money at this point because i have no clue whats going down.

    1. Malinter


      saving money is the best go to action when you don't know whats going down

    2. QuickTime


      well when i knew what was going down saving money was perfect but there's no point if what i think was going down is actually not.

  9. its elsajack. the frozen apple vendor >=3
  10. i have no clue what i did. but i was told to stop. confusion ensues.

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    2. QuickTime


      everything happens for a reason,

      and yes i do the same. conversation is very fun, and i play way too many games. just lately ive been playing wildstar, murdered: soul suspect i beat it, wolfenstein, tales of xillia for the third time, tales of the abyss. ect. music wise for myself my tastes change randomly from anything in the mindless self indulgence region to classical to ska, to heavy metal. one of my friends is heavy into k pop i havent really listened to much myself.

    3. Panne


      I take it you're a Microsoft fan with that game line up? I prefer Nintendo(I'm very light hearted) to all the bang bang bullet gun games. I do have an Xbox 360 though. My favorite K-pop bands are B.A.P (generally more punkish, but they will do some cute romance song for the ladies every now and then), Block B (They ae just weird and will catch you of guard by with the strangeness in each music video), and Sistar (They are sooooooooooooo hot. They pretty much spawned my love of asain...

    4. QuickTime


      i love all forms of gaming. that was just lately. im actually a big nintendo buff and fan because the first game i ever owned was links awakening dx on the gbc, i dont have a wii u sadly because of money. but im happy they announced an open world zelda game for 2015 at e3, and i think she listens to sistar if i remember she told me that one time. but when it comes down to gaming i judge game to game. console exclusives are just bothersome between sony and micro, nintendo has been its own sinc...

  11. practice can make anything happen, they look great if she keeps going itll only get better
  12. sometimes i really wonder if game devs even think about promises they make. like wildstar was supposed to launch at 3 its half past and theres no notice or anything. i mean that may not seem like a long time but ihavent slept in over 24 hours and i wanted to make my character. fuckin a

  13. dont go down alleys with guys when they promise candy, and make sure to have a broad portfolio for job options
  14. i use to love the fact vega's mask would get knocked off or his claw and it made it fun to try and collect them as fast as you could
  15. to make it successful you would need pony related material in the server, such as skin packs color packs and the like. i havent played minecraft in a while but servers go dead as soon as you stop doing stuff in it as the owner