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  1. Currently I am practicing human characters. I don't quite have the confidence to draw commissions yet.
  2. Okay. thing is, I was currently looking for a little extra cash flow while I try to get my art off the ground.
  3. http://fallenshadow000.deviantart.com/art/An-Offer-She-Couldn-t-Refuse-451800248 I never got a chance to show this one off. I am SLOWLY trying to get back into my groove, but my PAST keeps coming back to haunt me... :okiedokielokie: So starting today I'm hoping to get back on the trail of drawing, and plotting out my fan fiction. I'd love your critique of the above piece and will later link you to my Fanfic thread, where I am in need of assistance. Thanks everypony! Have a wonderful afternoon.
  4. Asterix and Cleopatra Yogi Bear and The Spruce Goose Inspector Gadget The Fox and The Hound Pocahontas
  5. Crying is a natural mechanism to relieve built up stress. Sometimes, when I know I need to cry (i.e. the awful arguments I've been having with my mom the last two weeks) I'll deliberately play sad music. It helps me to relieve the tension that is built up in my chest and the rest of my body. It also helps heal the heart by relieving pressure. You can literally die from heart break (seriously, look it up), and bottling it up only makes it worse. So, it's a very good thing to cry. Perfectly natural, and when you have to, find a way to force it. I hug my Snowdrop. She's so cuddly with her minky fur and her cotton mane... :3
  6. I have a story I wrote some time ago, about how MLP changed me. It's not your standard fiction, in that it's based on real life events that have occurred in the last 2-3 years. If you want to read it, I can post each chapter, one at a time. Just let me know if you want to read it.
  7. Alright, my problem with this, is that we got a half-baked Spike episode when all of the hype had been over the Equestria Games. I wanted to see the GAMES, not Spike making a bloody fool of himself. It's because we want the charm, fun and interest that sucked us into the show at the start. Instead we are getting half-baked slice of life episodes because as opposed to looking at the fans that actually support them, Hasbro is greedily trying to push toys. Don't know names, but if I had to guess they represent Saddle Arabia.
  8. Saw it on DA already... lol'ed then, and still lol'ing now.
  9. HAH! Well played, sir; well played.
  10. I've been having too much fun with the coloring tools, that's for sure.
  11. I know the shading isn't as good as it could be, since I am only starting to get the hang of anything much outside of pencil sketching.