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  1. Dealing with people who thinks the cpu is a coffee mug holder is a pain no doubt. Rofl.
  2. Makes me imagine you're from tech support. =P (we both know me is just teasing ya)
  3. *hands over a looking mirror* Well do you see a hipster or do you see a penguin in tuxedo?
  4. Would you prefer to be one?
  5. HipsterPenguins > LinuxBBQ
  6. Need to add more friends for Friend Safari.
  7. I'm guessing that's your homework. =P Why is the weekend so short?
  8. Kokology Do you find people who wear glasses attractive?
  9. When I was reading the Korean Comic. First time ever in my life I screamed for longer a minute for my life. It's fictional. But damn, if you haven't tried the "Korean Comic" you should. Would you consider yourself as someone faithful?
  10. *hits thread with Unlimited Blade Works*
  11. Love Haha. Yea. I do like Ouran Host Club and Fruits Basket.