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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Say something random, hopefully funny, too!
  3. May the fourth be with you! <3

  4. I really don't care about TV, I can watch MLP anywhere I want, but NO INTERNET!?!? Not possible bro. Just no.
  5. I press every key on my keyboard until something happens when I'm stuck. Works every time!
  6. What's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Pikachu! If you don't have one, find one!
  7. Meh, it needs to be about 20% cooler.

  8. The master eeveelution of Eevee! <3
  9. I know right, I got totally replaced for a couple of weeks but we became friends again after a while.
  10. Anypony want to be my friend? I would love some friends right now!
  11. I <3 Rainbow Dash soooooooooo much!
  12. Gummy bears, definitely gummy bears! I love those things. They are so soft and sweet.
  13. I finally updated my "About Me" thing.