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    The Beatles, James Joyce, Mnemonic systems, learning and playing card games, collecting decks of cards, listening to music, watching Adventure Time and My Little Pony, doing random things with friends, Christianity. I also like acting, and writing (mainly poetry, but also skits sometimes).

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I am a university student from Canada. I love MLP (which I started watching in March 2014—why didn't I know this existed before then? WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME?), hanging out with friends, meeting people, and listening to music. On my free time I mostly listen to music, watch MLP and watch/read/listen to MLP-related things, and post on these forums. I also read books. And sometimes write poetry. Sometimes. I also love Adventure Time. Best pony is Fluttershy. But Sweetie Belle is pretty cool too.

Best quote: "All the ponies in this town are crazy!!" —Twilight Sparkle.