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  1. thank you thank you for your responce, i will work more on the body and the legs, the next picture will look better
  2. its the photoshop logo and i know, it turned out to be fat (dont really know why xD)
  3. my first pony drawing (ever) turned out allot better then i expected, so i decided to use this as my OC
  4. im bored, anypony wanna play some video games?

  5. i bet your not that bad, if you put some time in to it you can probably draw some amazing things! dont give up
  6. thank you its extra cool hearing it from you, you make amazing drawings
  7. then how can you say you dont know how to draw! it looks great!
  8. yes, it actually was^^ we were supposed to paint but i didnt really feel like it, so i drew this instead
  9. i drew this scetch in class today, it represents how celestia raises the sun and luna raises the moon, i used about 30 min on it and i think it turned out to look pretty good^^ well here it is
  10. spike is my choise, cant have mlp fim without him^^
  11. Spurvn


    welcome to the forum! you will have a great time here
  12. well mine is something many of you guys will hate... yes, i clop....
  13. I i found the same story as you did, the responces wore terrible so it wont be done... next up will probably be a clopfic or something
  14. i will make some minor changes to the story to make it more gory then the original story, the ponies wil be one pegasus, one unicorn and one earthpony, the prosses for the unicorn and the pegasus will be terrible and painfull wich will be explained in full details (little spoler: the doctor will be doctor hooves) i am sorry, the fan-fic will not be written. someone else did already take the idea and wrote a fanfic about it... sorry...
  15. grimdark clopfic, ye horror porn. or just really freaking sad stories