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  1. Yee and I cannot stress this enough, HAW.

    1. PiratePony


      Hey! Long time no see man!!

  2. FIM ends after S9 huh? Well it's been one fuck of a journey. Never thought I'd be 22 watching colored horses solve problems together. Here's to hoping G5 carrys on the torch, I plan on being here for.  To the future, small hoses, to the future......... 

  3. Glad to see the all seeing eye is still movin' around my man

    1. Randimaxis


      Well, one is glad to be of service, kind alcoholic.  *bows humbly*

  4. Pirate man how've ya been?

    1. PiratePony


      Great. Really busy. Too busy to come here usually but still pop in from time to time

      Great. Really busy. Too busy to come here usually but still pop in from time to time.

  5. What's kickin homie? It's been a while. 

    1. Twiggy


      Same as ever tbh. I don't really do things anymore lol. HBU? Sorry for the late reply.

    2. Drunk Not I Am

      Drunk Not I Am

      Good man, still kickin around. Don't ever hesitate to drop a line my way here or over on discord my guy

  6. What's happening ya hooligans? It's ya boi Drunk. 

     Been hanging out on discord mostly these days, what all have I missed?

    1. J.T.


      not much, how ya been?

    2. Drunk Not I Am

      Drunk Not I Am

      Honestly, pretty damn good, school's a drag but I'm well on my way to my BA!

    3. J.T.


      That's great to hear, I'm glad things are going well for you :squee: You should come around more often :-D


  7. All hail the great buffalo for the church is always faithful 

  8. b o i  how've you been?

  9. Hey man, how've ya been?

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    2. Drunk Not I Am

      Drunk Not I Am

      Been pretty good,still in the marathon of school and work heheh

    3. Raven Rawne

      Raven Rawne

      Yeah, especially with the new grade starting this month. So you're still working in the same place, right? In that case the vacations must have been full of work days.

    4. Drunk Not I Am

      Drunk Not I Am

      Yeah, still at the same place. Going on 4 years. 

  10. Ay sorry I've not been around much, thanks for all who wished me a happy birthday. I've mostly moved on to discord, forum pacing has just gotten to slow for me to go at for a while now. Also bless for the new server banner. :mlp_pout:

    1. PiratePony


      Happy belated

    2. J.T.


      Hey bro, good to see ya! :P

  11. I know @PiratePony is rather well known, I wish I myself came to post on site more.
  12. Hot as fuck today, car's cleaned, workout for the morning is done, got paid friday. Picking up a good friend's old desktop sometime either today or later this week. Found out I'm getting Saturday's off in July, no more of that 6 days a week bullshit. Now it's time to kick it in the backyard with some cold beer, no friends around to enjoy it with, long gone since high school ended going on 3 years ago. Just myself, my thoughts and the music to take me out of the spin cycle that is work. Current bumpage:  


    For those of you unaware how hot it gets here in the Midwest, 

    image.png.bc495c0991d9a509ea33a414573b04e8.pngImage may contain: people sitting, plant, tree, sky, house, table and outdoor

  13. Kinda a big day today, came out of the pony closet after leaving my just recently gifted RD plush out in plain view. Since I started watching the pones back in 2013 I've never been public about it other than to friends on xbox or online. On top of that I'm getting a steal of a deal on a PC from a good friend, and this Friday's payday.  Big Yeet y'all20180626_123137.jpg 

    1. PonSky


      dude, that plushie is still really good lookin

    2. PiratePony


      Yeah that's an awesome plushie

  14. Ah sheeeeeit sorry I'm late, happy birthday my dude!

  15. Everyday is another of the same. 

    1. PonSky


      And every tomorrow is the today of the same.

  16. Pabst is a solid beer, fight me.

    1. ShinGojira


      Dude, legit! It's actually not that bad. 

    2. Drunk Not I Am

      Drunk Not I Am

      It's cheap as dirt, and when Ice cold it's actually pretty damn good.

    3. ShinGojira


      Theres always a place for a nice cold cheap beer.

  17. This is pretty much everyday at work. 


    1. PonSky


      Woah, what the fuck are you doing doing here lmao.

  18. Zip zap EXPLOSIVE DAB 

    1. Duck Bird

      Duck Bird

      F R E S H AS DUCK!

  19. Did dank at the end of the semester. Been at the beach. Yeet.

  20. School is..... very awful. 

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