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    I love dubstep and techno music. I love rpg's pokemon has to be my favorite one. And my favorite color has to be purple and or blue or green. I love space science to. Favorite subject at school btw.I love art I have done pretty well in each style that i have tried. The worst I am at is painting but I don't suck at it.

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  1. Bronychan1214

    Any fried chicken fans?

    Ach! No not at all D: Any kind of fried chicken makes me gag. Just thinking about it makes my stomach upset.
  2. Bronychan1214

    Can insults hurt you? If so why?

    I feel as though everything hurts in this situation but I just ignore it. It does build up though and sometimes even this guys needs a hug .
  3. Bronychan1214

    Weird dreams?

    Willy wonka, micky mouse, aliens, the titanic, and a circus, and each time I would wake up and those would be outside
  4. Bronychan1214

    Craziest thing thats ever happened in your school?

    Police come in for guns and drug bust, two girls water broke in class, A girl fainted due to a hot day, a teacher went to the hospital by falling down stairs. And those are just normal everyday things :/ Nothing to crazy has happened to me or the school
  5. Bronychan1214

    Who stays up past 3 am?

    Except on school nights, because I cant stay awake in class, and I hate coffee so sleep is essential during school. But when I have free time definitely. Last night I went to sleep at 7:00 XD.
  6. Bronychan1214

    Back to school 2014

    @Phoenix Flair Speaking of sophomore year I have started it 3 weeks ago. Schedule: English 2, Geometry, Algebra 1 (failed first year XD), Government, Lunch, P.E., Drivers ED, then finally world history. I was nervous for any of my friends to make drastic changes like change really bad. None of them really did to much. I was really excited about driving. And so far I hate doing it but so far it is going good so far.
  7. Bronychan1214

    Favorite dinosaur

    Any kind of raptor. I like them all
  8. Bronychan1214

    Do you take naps often?

    A lot , mostly in government, geometry, and homeroom. I take naps at home and all but nothing is better to take a nap on your school desk
  9. Bronychan1214

    If you're awesome, explain why you think so here

    Because I can turn my legs and feet in weird ways, I am very good at fighting games, And my knowledge on pokemon is decent, I get told that my drawings are good, People say that I am awesome for being so accepting and nice all the time, and that is about it :/ Cant think of anything else really.
  10. Bronychan1214

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    Derpy hooves Took me a bit but it isn't really finished I want to color it. What genre of video game are you most skilled at? (mines fighting )
  11. Bronychan1214

    Anyone Want To Play A Game?

    Wow I guess that is one way to get things moving. "Also I just realized I could have just flown...Also I could have grabbed the plane from behind and flew it up. But oh well we are already here." Sketch peered over the side and watch as all the things passed by under. "So do either of you know exactly where Zekora lives? Or are we just gonna fly around until we find her?"
  12. Bronychan1214

    Anyone Want To Play A Game?

    Sketch blinked in surprise (Why did I have to follow these two *exhale*) "Fine I guess I have no choice" Sketch got onto the plane, then it hit him. "How are we going to get this thing to fly?" He asked
  13. Bronychan1214

    Anyone Want To Play A Game?

    "Um what happened?" Sketch looked around everything really big. "What did you do?"
  14. Bronychan1214

    Anyone Want To Play A Game?

    Sketch chuckled "I'm not a vampire, I am just a bat pony" Sketch shot his tongue out and grabbed an apple. "Don't think I am a fruit bat I can drink blood to if I want, but dont worry I wont hurt you guys" Sketch decided to land on the ground since they already saw him.
  15. Bronychan1214

    am I the only one who hates dragonflies

    I really dont care about them they can be there or not. But there is a time of year every year when my entire sky is filled with thousands of them it is pretty awesome seeing all different colors. (I honestly dont know why they come here but they dont bother us)