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    I love dubstep and techno music. I love rpg's pokemon has to be my favorite one. And my favorite color has to be purple and or blue or green. I love space science to. Favorite subject at school btw.I love art I have done pretty well in each style that i have tried. The worst I am at is painting but I don't suck at it.

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About Me

I love the color purple and I love dubstep and techno. I am slightly mentally challenged and I do have hyperactivity and add. The hyperactivity isn't as severe as it was when I was a child now I get periods of extreme energy. I also have small muscle spasms there not bad ones just little tweaks but they have calmed down now.


Anyway I have astigmatisms in both of my eyes. I am allergic to cats, a certain type of medicine I forgot the name, and eggs just....eggs.


I am a very friendly person I have thousands of friends. But When I am getting to know you I am very shy. I am a very shy person meeting someone freaks me out. But I will talk to you in about like 5 weeks. I am very nice rarely cranky or mad.


I am a huge brony but a closet brony to my friends. My favorite show is mlp, then after that it is doctor who.


My favorite anime that I have seen very episode of is full metal alchemist.


Anyway let's be friends.


Oh almost forgot I have another account on neoseeker I am Bronychan1217 there, It would be here to but I messed up and forgot my email password so I can't log in to that account...anyway you can check me out there and become friends or on here.


Also here is the ponies I am most like.

Yay rainbow dash and pinkie pie my favorite main 6. Rainbow is first though.


Bye!!!!! lol sorry about the about me page just wanted to list all my problems and be completely honest for future questioning from friends :D PEACE V(^-^)V ( we all have our problems)