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  1. Hi everypony how you doing?

  2. Well everypony this is it this account is officially dead, I wont be logging in after this status update, and I doubt anypony will answer this but I had fun, and hey who knows maybe I will be around again, I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and have a great rest of the break fellow school goers but dont be surprised if you get a message anytime soon past good friends, it might be me. Bye bye V(^-^)V Peace

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      *hugs* I'll hope i see you someday again

    2. Celtore


      Take care, hope you have a great christmas too!

  3. Ah Christmas a time for family and Jesus. Kids now a days just want toys and stuff. Not knowing the true reason why we celebrate it.

  4. Ach! No not at all D: Any kind of fried chicken makes me gag. Just thinking about it makes my stomach upset.
  5. I feel as though everything hurts in this situation but I just ignore it. It does build up though and sometimes even this guys needs a hug .
  6. I love to read books but hate to finish them or a series, the feeling you get after finishing sucks.

    1. Kyoshi


      Oddly enough, I am kinda the opposite, it is more like reflecting on the adventure of it. Though I sometimes feel sadness too. It depends on the series I guess and the ending.

  7. Happy Halloween everypony :P

  8. Ah so comfy, might fall asleep but I don't wanna :(

  9. Ug again I cant sleep

  10. Well goodnight everyone :P I got school in the morning which sucks, and no one really is talking to me anymore right now sooo bye x3

  11. Anyone know a good rpg to get into? No skyrim/fallout/diablo

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Bronychan1214


      first two haven't got the third one yet, even though I should XD. But I would have to replay the first two since i have not played in a while, and forgot almost all of it :/.

    3. Mand'alor Dash

      Mand'alor Dash

      Good plan. Play through those first two again, get a nice story going, and then buy the third and see the effects of your choices. ME3 isn't /as/ good as the first two, but it's still pretty good, and it's worth it just to see Shepard's story come to a conclusion.

    4. Bronychan1214


      That is true, But I see no reason to get the third right now. Since I will and probably gonna get other games first. But I will look into getting the third

  12. Willy wonka, micky mouse, aliens, the titanic, and a circus, and each time I would wake up and those would be outside
  13. Actually not goodnight I cant sleep and never actually fell asleep :/

  14. Police come in for guns and drug bust, two girls water broke in class, A girl fainted due to a hot day, a teacher went to the hospital by falling down stairs. And those are just normal everyday things :/ Nothing to crazy has happened to me or the school
  15. Except on school nights, because I cant stay awake in class, and I hate coffee so sleep is essential during school. But when I have free time definitely. Last night I went to sleep at 7:00 XD.
  16. So comfortable right now :D Soft hair from a good shower, Warm under this blanket, Soft pillows, good show on, dubstep, and playing terraria :)

  17. Peace y'all I am going to some friends, cleaned the house, mowed the lawn, and cared to the trees and garden. V(^-^)V

  18. Weekend is finally here, dont think I could have gone to highschool another day.

  19. I have not been on here in a while 186 notifications XD

  20. Best day ever got to see my dad!!!

  21. Don't you hate it when you are reading a book, wanting to help the main character. Wanting to be there with them in the story. Then you reach the end of the last page, and in you mind your pleading "No no no please continue!" I just finished a book. And now I am gonna feel nothing for a while.

  22. Boooored, anyone got any suggestions?

  23. Half day at high school, no homework, body is relaxed ready for a nap :)

  24. Today was an interesting day XD Had to stop a fire spreading into a corn field :D, burned my arm and my clothes though :/ I love fire :3

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