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Blog Comments posted by Bronychan1214

  1. i'm still confused as to why not a single pony has even questioned the part about being attacked by ghost's so it pleases me to be the first, but displeases me no one's paying attention to what they read. So, care to enlighten the rest of us on the attacking ghost thing?

    Well twilight there is one thing I want to say first I seems I have to approve your comments all the time which is weird, I dont know I am sounding like an idiot. Well this time I was going to sleep, and my legs and arms were burning so I checked them in the bathroom light and noticed I had 4 of the same length and width cuts on my arms and legs, there are a ton of other stories but I might tell them in the next blog entry.

  2. heh thnx but just finished the scan and it got rid of 31 of something so I will test the speed of it later with some games.

    Also can't be age because I got this laptop not even a year ago.

    Also I have the same laptop as my brother so I should be able to run the same games as he does. And he has put nothing extra into the laptop to make it play games better.

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