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  1. @Phoenix Flair Speaking of sophomore year I have started it 3 weeks ago. Schedule: English 2, Geometry,  Algebra 1 (failed first year XD), Government, Lunch, P.E., Drivers ED, then finally world history.


    I was nervous for any of my friends to make drastic changes like change really bad. None of them really did to much.


    I was really excited about driving. And so far I hate doing it but so far it is going good so far.

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  2. Wow I guess that is one way to get things moving. "Also I just realized I could have just flown...Also I could have grabbed the plane from behind and flew it up. But oh well we are already here." Sketch peered over the side and watch as all the things passed by under. "So do either of you know exactly where Zekora lives? Or are we just gonna fly around until we find her?"

  3. Sketch blinked in surprise (Why did I have to follow these two *exhale*) "Fine I guess I have no choice"  Sketch got onto the plane, then it hit him. "How are we going to get this thing to fly?" He asked

  4. Sketch chuckled "I'm not a vampire, I am just a bat pony" Sketch shot his tongue out and grabbed an apple. "Don't think I am a fruit bat I can drink blood to if I want, but dont worry I wont hurt you guys" Sketch decided to land on the ground since they already saw him.

  5. Sketch sat there trying to force a laugh down so he dident seem to mean. He watched as the ponies went off into the forest, he smiled showing fangs, he flew up into the shadows and followed them through it hoping to get a good chance to scare them.

  6. Sketch sat up in his cloud as he watched the mare that he previously covered with the shade from his cloud go over and talk to what seemed like a bug He tightened his hoodie and flew down to where she was standing, he landed right in front of her but she was to preoccupied on this tiny...Pony!?

  7. Sunny for a few reasons, one it is really the only time I can get warm is when I sit in the sun with blankets and stuff. Two rain means storms sometimes and I hate storms. Three it is mostly sunny during the summer and that means I dont have school :D.

  8. everything that I have bought online has gotten to me all good :D. But my brother has had bad stuff happen to him like 4 times. 3 of the times they never showed up. And 1 that said it on ebay that it was brand new and it was a game and he received it snapped in half. And since we are younger mostly everything we bought were games. And everything we have bought was from ebay.

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