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Status Updates posted by Bronychan1214

  1. Man the more I watch an anime the more I want to be in there world, Naruto :D Actually gonna watch this all the way I am on episode 26 :P

    1. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Both are boss.

    2. Oblivion


      SO true, as long as I'm not a lackey in an anime that gets killed off right away then I'm cool. ^_^

    3. Bronychan1214


      I never thought of that XD Defiantly not the lackey (Haku :()

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  2. So much stuff....So many things to worry about.....My mind is gonna collapse.....

  3. Wow I am falling asleep sitting up, think it is time for med goodnight everyone

  4. Ow :c My arm XD I slept on it now I cant move it without it hurting

  5. When I travel by myself for the first time, I want to go to england

  6. The worst soar throat I have ever had, had to appear on the three day weekend...

  7. And now everything is bad again, No money at all, gonna lose water and electricity, dad is wasting the money, *exhale* disability people really need to hurry it up!

  8. Jeez today was weird and painful, Got stabbed in geometry, had my sking peeled off by another student, and a girl had an asthma attack right next to me

  9. I have been sick for 5 weeks :/ Why cant I stay home when I feel this bad?

  10. LIFE IS TURNING AROUND :D!!! Sister got a job, mother is close to disability, and more people are checking out the house

  11. Goodbye :P Off to places for a while

  12. I am writing a creepy pasta :D Might start a new blog on them and my own progress with them or maybe a review blog on them...(I like creepy pastas :3)

  13. Wow a very hot day made a girl pass out at school

  14. I am pretty good, except the medicine I am taking to feel good I am pretty sure I am allergic to XD

  15. Friday is here FINALLY I can stop falling asleep in my classes

  16. Should I stay home from school tomorrow, been feeling real sick for like a week here and it is getting worse, but I dont wanna do more homework but then I also feel guilty for staying home :/ Maybe I dont I am gonna shut up now XD I hate complaining and sharing problems

  17. Helped my friend and his brother do the ice tub challenge :D

    1. Sterling Crimson

      Sterling Crimson

      You mean the ASL challenge?! We should have the forums participate! xD

  18. Damn allergies are keeping me up :/ I am kind of tired but cant sleep because I have to get up every 5 seconds to blow my nose or sneeze a thousand times XD

    1. Zygen


      :/. That sucks, I hope you can somehow get to sleep. Good luck.

    2. Bronychan1214


      I did at a late time, but now I am ready for school and extremely tired today is gonna suck :(

  19. Wish me luck on my written drivers test ;D

    1. CosmicHooves


      Good luck! :-)

    2. Bronychan1214


      Got home a little bit ago I hope I passed it

  20. Off to school again tomorrow (btw love the new banner great job Not SCS and Jamiequadbike)

  21. Can my body stop having random cuts appear on it an make me bleed? XD

    1. Oblivion


      I know how that feels, especially working in roofing!

  22. I found a new way to trick my brain into thinking my body doesnt need sleep, and it is no food, or drinks or anything :D

  23. I am gonna sleep :P night everyone

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