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Status Updates posted by Bronychan1214

  1. I have 2 thick covers on. A jacket zipped up. Socks. And thick pants. And it is summer. I am freezing cold I am shivering right now....

    1. Khaoios


      Then that is very strange to me. Never heard of someone shaking bc there cold in the summer. U turn on ur AC to high bc that maybe it, im guessing.

    2. Bronychan1214


      Ac is off and no fans are hitting me right now. I am in the hottest room in my house right now. Might be due to poor blood circulation that is what my mother said. But I highly doubt it. Since sometimes I can be a little hot but not usally.

    3. Khaoios


      I see. Well, i hope you feel better

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  2. I have been awake for two days now I hoping to get two more be rooting for me XD

  3. I have been sick for 5 weeks :/ Why cant I stay home when I feel this bad?

  4. I have hit 300 views now on my profile and I have 308 last time I checked. :P

  5. I have hit over 500 profile views thanks guys :D!

  6. I have not been on here in a while 186 notifications XD

  7. I have over 100 bro hoofs and have posted 100 times!

    1. Luna
    2. Bronychan1214


      thanks! I am glad I am rising in popularity...and ranks.

  8. I have school registry in like 7 days I dont want to go back :(

  9. I hit 200 profile views! Thanks guys ~<3 V(^-^)V

    1. SCS



    2. Buttonbro424


      congrats dude!

  10. I just felt something rub my head and there is nothing around I am checking all around me and there is nothing....this is not the first time. I think I can hear and feel the ghosts touching me.

    1. Bronychan1214


      Also noticed that I just replied to your welcome thread....Welcome :D!Sorry my bad. Friends?....sorry for asking but I am bored...chat?

    2. CrossbowDoctor


      Friends, definitely! I usually do exercises at three, but after that, I'll talk for sure! :)

    3. Bronychan1214


      ok I will add you have a good workout :)

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  11. I just made a huge decision my mind is all over the place kinda still...

  12. I love role playing my bat pony oc!

  13. I love spore <3 I am a raptor btw my favorite dinosaur

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    2. Bronychan1214


      I didn't at all and only failed 2 of my finals...I should have studied but even if I got an A+ on either of those test I wouldn't pass math nor english. Meh I did alright for my disabilities.

    3. Shift


      I didn't get my scores back yet, but i'm pretty sure I passed my math and social studies. My foreign language final, however, I studied for like 2 hours and i'm pretty sure I failed D:

    4. Bronychan1214


      Oh well at least you tried. Well sucked for I was cranky first day of finals cause athletic P.E. was first period and when I am hot and it is humid outside I get cranky...

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  14. I love to read books but hate to finish them or a series, the feeling you get after finishing sucks.

    1. Kyoshi


      Oddly enough, I am kinda the opposite, it is more like reflecting on the adventure of it. Though I sometimes feel sadness too. It depends on the series I guess and the ending.

  15. I want to make a review blog, But I am not sure on what

  16. I was checking my profile and noticed it says I have only been on here 3 days I know I joined at least a month ago. Can anypony help me?

    1. Rascal~


      the date under your name is when you joined, the 3 days bit is how much time you've spent on the Forums.

    2. Pinkamena-Pills


      you've been on here a total of 3 days collectively since you joined

    3. Bronychan1214


      oh...I feel like an idiot now...sorry to bother you guys.

  17. I wish I could help people better than just sitting at a keyboard and typing to them and pretending, I need to be there for them :(

    1. Discordly Cutiepie

      Discordly Cutiepie

      dont say things like that you help me everyday dont forget that your everything to me

    2. GuardianFenix


      I know how you feel, bro. I wish I could physically be there for the many people I've helped too. But for now, the internet (and The Marvel Alliance) is the only way I can help.

    3. Bronychan1214


      True to both of you, but discord it is just that I feel so pitiful just saying nice things and typing what I feel. I need to physically be there to make my self feel better, lit alone me also trying to make you feel better.

  18. IIIII Aaaaaaammmm Boreddddd

  19. interesting statues (summer so boring)

  20. Interesting update

    1. Discordly Cutiepie

      Discordly Cutiepie

      lol best update ever

  21. It is great to make a bon fire at night with Plexiglas in there that could possible kill me :D

  22. It is so much fun to be bored and have a splitting headache that makes you nausish

  23. It is storming really badly :(.

    1. Bronychan1214


      Thank you. Yes I actually am using a praying card against storms my friend gave me XD. I have said it 5 times now...

    2. The Leafeon Pinkeh

      The Leafeon Pinkeh

      Hope it helps xD Nice friend btw c: nice to help you out

    3. Bronychan1214


      Yes he is a good friend :)

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  24. It was a boring day and I did nothing but somehow I am not bored...

  25. Jeez today was weird and painful, Got stabbed in geometry, had my sking peeled off by another student, and a girl had an asthma attack right next to me

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