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Status Updates posted by Bronychan1214

  1. Ow :c I was just stabbed

  2. Lemon candy is the best :3

    1. Discordly Cutiepie

      Discordly Cutiepie

      no candy is best GO HEALTHY

    2. Bronychan1214


      Yeah that is true cotton candy is pretty good, And I dont eat vegetables XD I take vitamins for that :P

    3. Bronychan1214


      Yeah that is true cotton candy is pretty good, And I dont eat vegetables XD I take vitamins for that :P

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  3. Late night statues update :D, 3 day weekend off, and peanut butter stuck in my throat XD Seems like a great night

  4. School? Good Sophomore year? Good, Geometry....Why was this created XD

    1. Moved to Elsewhere
    2. Bronychan1214


      If I cant get this I am defiantly failing trigonometry

  5. Off to school bye everyone :P, early update and just gonna say gonna be on here a few minutes everyday so I wont be completely gone but basically :/

  6. Goodbye everyone I will return after today in a couple of months, it has been real fun and I have really enjoyed talking and posting everything so far. Bye :P

    1. hariyaMakusu2


      Huh? Why are you leaving? :(

    2. Bronychan1214


      Well except the day I posted that I messed up my school schedule XD, And today was the first day so not to much stuff to worry about, but I have my drivers test in a week and the fact that school is more important so I cant really be on here anymore for a while :/ BYE :P

  7. I have school registry in like 7 days I dont want to go back :(

  8. Haven't had one of these in a while how is everyone doing?

  9. The max days I have stayed up is 6, I have started over now on 2 :D

  10. 800 profile views :D thanks guys :)

    1. Discordly Cutiepie

      Discordly Cutiepie

      i bet half of them are me

  11. I am getting a new waste my life mmo XD

  12. I have been awake for two days now I hoping to get two more be rooting for me XD

  13. I had something awesome planned to put here but I forgot what I was gonna say XD

  14. IIIII Aaaaaaammmm Boreddddd

  15. Just got back from a friends house it was fun but now I am sick :(

  16. So tired....So confused....So derpy XD

  17. I want to make a review blog, But I am not sure on what

  18. It is so much fun to be bored and have a splitting headache that makes you nausish

  19. Google why do you have to be such an ass I just want to make a youtube account ;-;

    1. Cyan Blue

      Cyan Blue

      Tell me about it.

  20. It was a boring day and I did nothing but somehow I am not bored...

  21. Hm strange 4 of the same size and length cuts on my arms and legs, I am sure the ghosts had nothing to do with it :D

  22. It is great to make a bon fire at night with Plexiglas in there that could possible kill me :D

  23. Great way to wake up, annoying little brothers screaming in your ear/

    1. Khaoios


      Been there, heard that, lol

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